Tuesday, January 4, 2011
ORNL in the News

DOE grants $3.9m for SiC HEV charger development

(I-Micronews) A $3.9m award from the US Department of Energy aims to allow electrical engineering researchers at the University of Arkansas to continue contributing to the development of a compact and highly efficient silicon carbide battery charger for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles...The grant is part of the DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) program and will benefit a collaborative partnership that includes five private and public entities: project leader Arkansas Power Electronics International Inc of Fayetteville, AK; its private partner the National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission (at the University of Arkansas); Oak Ridge National Laboratory); Cree Inc; and Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc...1/4

New technology to speed cleanup of nuclear contaminated sites

(Lab Spaces) Members of the engineering faculty at Oregon State University have invented a new type of radiation detection and measurement device that will be particularly useful for cleanup of sites with radioactive contamination, making the process faster, more accurate and less expensive...Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on cleanup of some major sites contaminated by radioactivity, primarily from the historic production of nuclear weapons during and after World War II. These include the Hanford site in Washington, Savannah River site in South Carolina, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee....1/3


Working out at the Y...Y-12 that is

(Oak Ridger) The Y-12 National Security Complex spends millions of dollars every year on medical expenses for employees and their families. Now the nuclear weapons plant is trying to reduce those costs by helping workers exercise and live healthier...1/3

State & Regional

TVA Helps Businesses Invest $4.3 Billion In Economic Development Projects In 2010

(Chattanoogan.com) The Tennessee Valley Authority’s technical services, financial assistance and other incentives helped companies invest $4.3 billion in economic development projects and attract or retain 41,000 jobs across the region in fiscal year 2010, officials said...12/29

Bald eagles make home at Reelfoot Lake for season

(Tennessean) An estimated 70 to 100 bald eagles are wintering at Reelfoot Lake this season...1/3


New Speaker Vows to Share Power—a Tricky Proposition

(Wall Street Journal) When John Boehner takes over one of the most powerful jobs in Washington this week, he says his first order of business is to make himself less powerful...1/4

More U.S. cities dimming the lights

(USA Today) The push to turn down the lights in American cities is gaining broad support from several unlikely allies — from conservationists and builders to city planners and the military...12/31

East Tennessee

DiPietro meets with employees, community as he takes over reins at UT

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The coffee cup on the corner of the conference table in Joe DiPietro's new office in Andy Holt Tower on the University of Tennessee campus reads: 'Joe Day One.'...1/3


energy & science policy

EPA To Enforce New Emission Rules On Power Plants

(NPR) The Environmental Protection Agency this week starts regulating greenhouse gases from power plants and other big polluters for the first time...1/3

Can Geothermal Energy Pick Up Real Steam?

(National Geographic News) ...Now amid the rush to alternative energies, geothermal advocates sense a new chance to mine the heat rising from Earth's white-hot core...12/28

Inside Energy Extra

1/3 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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- Harris to step down as top DOE lawyer
- Iberdrola urged to cut wind-farm size
- BOEM signals drilling resumption
- BOEM sets meetings on offshore plan
- NPRA sues EPA over E15 decision
- Energy firms hit anti-manipulation plan

science & technology

Quest for Dark Energy May Fade to Black

(NY Times) What happens to a dark energy dream deferred? An ambitious $1.6 billion spacecraft that would investigate the mysterious force that is apparently accelerating the expansion of the universe and search out planets around other stars, to boot might have to be postponed for a decade, NASA says, because of cost overruns and mismanagement on a separate project, the James Webb Space Telescope...1/3

US sees massive drop in bumble bees

(Physorg.com) Weakened by inbreeding and disease, bumble bees have died off at an astonishing rate over the past 20 years, with some US populations diving more than 90 percent, according to a new study...1/3

Two Miles Below South Dakota, A Race to Find Dark Matter

(Popular Science) One of the biggest mysteries of physics could end with what scientists find 4,850 feet below the Black Hills of South Dakota...1/3

Other Stories

Iran Invites Some Nations, Not U.S., for Nuclear Tour

(NY Times) Iran has invited Russia, China and several European Union members to visit its nuclear facilities this month, but pointedly snubbed the United States, European diplomats said on Monday...1/3