Wednesday, January 4, 2012
ORNL in the News

Oak Ridge plants manage for tough times

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The past decade has been pretty doggone prosperous for Oak Ridge's government operations, so a downturn of sorts was inevitable. So far, most of the key programs are surviving a tightening federal budget, but that doesn't mean there haven't been impacts. There have, and there will be more....1/4

The Future of Small is Big

(Industrial Heating) Are you up to speed with nanotechnology? Nanotechnology, which is literally the understanding and control of materials on an atomic or molecular scale, has the potential for major improvements in a variety of applications...Oak Ridge National Laboratory is working on a project to incorporate nanosized complex-metal boron carbides into a metal-matrix coating...1/3


Big Government Science Escapes Being Drowned In Bathtub

(Earth Techling) A year of threats from the House had thousands of government scientists expecting cuts as deep as 20 percent by those determined to drown government in the bathwater. But at the last minute, in December's final budget, Senate Democrats were able to bring the science and energy research funding levels much closer to the Obama administration budget requests...1/3

East Tennessee

Plans for retail center near UT campus unveiled

(WBIR) Two nation-wide stores will soon serve thousands of people who live and work in Downtown Knoxville. They'll be part of a new retail development set to go up near the UT campus...1/3

Knoxville singing trio makes name for itself in gospel music

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Cory Beeler, 30, just didn't have enough of a sound or act to be a Southern gospel singer, according to a Nashville talent scout. There was something missing...His sisters were not part of his original plan, especially since Cumbie never liked being on stage and Moody, who works at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, said they had other jobs.


Mitt Romney/Rick SantorumIowa caucus results: Mitt Romney beats Rick Santorum by 8 votes

(CBS News) Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney eked out a narrow victory over former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum in the Iowa caucuses Tuesday, winning the first contest for the Republican presidential nomination, the Hawkeye state's Republican party chairman Matt Strawn said early Wednesday morning after a long night with the two candidates in a dead heat...1/4

aircraft carrierIran Warns U.S. Aircraft Carrier Not to Return to Gulf

(New York Times) Iran’s military sharpened its tone toward the United States on Tuesday with a blunt warning that an American aircraft carrier that left the Persian Gulf through the strategic Strait of Hormuz last week should not return...1/3

Dow JonesDow Gains 5.5% in 2011, as S&P Ends Flat

(Wall Street Journal) The three main U.S. stock indexes offered something for bulls, bears and the indifferent this past year: the Dow was up, the S&P was flat and the Nasdaq was down. And the ride from the beginning of the year through Friday was volatile and filled with uncertainties and the unexpected.

energy & science policy

Natural Gas WellU.S. eyes supply-side economics of natural gas

(The Globe and Mail) Uncle Sam may soon be sharing his bounty of natural gas with the world. If planned liquefied natural gas projects happen, the United States could end up exporting up to a fifth of its gas. That’s enough to shift the balance of energy power elsewhere in the world...1/4

science & technology

Space CrystalThe quasicrystal from outer space

(Nature News) Theoretical physicist Paul Steinhardt did not expect to spend last summer travelling across spongy tundra to a remote gold-mining region in north-eastern Russia. But that is where he spent three weeks tracing the origins of the world’s only known natural example of a quasicrystal...1/3

Quantum ComputingA quantum leap in computing

(PhysOrg) When American physicist Richard Feynman in 1982 proposed creating a quantum computer that could solve complex problems, the idea was merely a theory scientists believed was far off in the future. A few decades later, USC Dornsife researchers are closing in on harnessing quantum computing, a system that takes advantage of computational quirks such as quantum coherence....1/4

Strange Octopus'Lost World' Discovered Around Antarctic Vents

(Science Daily) Communities of species previously unknown to science have been discovered on the seafloor near Antarctica, clustered in the hot, dark environment surrounding hydrothermal vents...1/3

Microsoft Faces Make-Or-Break Year In Smartphones

(Investor's Business Daily) After flailing for years, Microsoft's next best hopes are tied to several announcements. For one, later this year Microsoft will likely release two major upgrades to its Windows 7 mobile operating system...1/3

Other Stories

2011 Was a Bad Year at the Box Office. Expect 2012 To Be Worse

(Forbes) Now that the dust has settled on 2011 we can get a clear look at the U.S. box office and it's not a pretty picture. Ticket sales were down 4.7% for the year to $10 billion, according to Box Office Mojo. ..1/3

Out there

Mice No Match for Mountain Dew

(ABC News) Imagine this new ad campaign: How strong is your Mountain Dew? Powerful enough to dissolve a rodent! Not exactly Madison Avenue material, but that is exactly what Pepsi — the manufacturer of Mountain Dew — claims in an Illinois lawsuit...1/3