Friday, January 4, 2013
ORNL in the News

2012: From Titan to bears, oh my! ORNL 'delivering Science

(Oak Ridger) The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory regained the lead in high-performance computing, enjoyed record-setting recognition for its research and became a showpiece for renewable energy technology during 2012...1/3

Lab shows off capabilities for congressman

(Knoxville News Sentinel) It's more than just Southern hospitality when Oak Ridge National Laboratory rolls out the red carpet for its VIP visitors, especially members of Congress. The lab's livelihood is at stake. While these visits don't translate directly into funding, the ability to showcase lab capabilities, innovation and cooperation can have a lasting impact on folks who do make those funding decisions or contribute to the funding dialogue...1/3


Judge won't dismiss charges against Y-12 protesters

(Knoxville News Sentinel) In a newly released report, Federal Magistrate Judge C. Clifford Shirley Jr. recommends that a motion to dismiss charges against three Y-12 protesters be denied...1/4

State & Regional

Report says Tennessee is a migration destination

(Knoxville News Sentinel) For the eighth year in a row, Tennessee saw more inbound migration than outbound migration, at least according to numbers from a national moving company....1/3

Tennessee Valley could see 17 more inches of rainfall, UT researcher says

(Chattanooga Times Free Press) A UT researcher has completed a first-of-its-kind study to predict heat waves for the top 20 cities in the eastern United States...1/4


White House pushes forward on immigration ahead of bigger reform fight

(Washington Post) The Obama administration’s decision this week to ease visa requirements for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants represents its latest move to reshape immigration through executive action, even as the White House gears up for an uncertain political fight over a far-more-sweeping legislative package in the months ahead...1/4

East Tennessee

Biofuel market for switchgrass fails to materialize

(Knoxville News Sentinel) ...Four years after the state launched a $70 million initiative to build a pilot biorefinery and develop native switchgrass as a feedstock for ethanol production, farmers involved in the pilot project are still waiting for a market to develop for their crops. All contracts will expire at the end of this year's harvest...1/3

Chattanooga paces state in job growth last year

(AP) According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, greater Chattanooga employment expanded by nearly 4,000 jobs from November 2011 through November 2012. The figure is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics...1/2

energy & science policy

Politics is biggest factor in climate uncertainty

(Nature) Swift action by politicians is the single most important factor in limiting global warming, an analysis finds. The costs of political delays outweigh any possible benefits of waiting for more research into the mechanisms of climate change...1/2

Alexander appointed to Senate's energy, resources committee

(Knoxville News Sentinel) U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander has landed a position on the committee that oversees the nation's energy policy and natural resources, giving him more influence on everything from nuclear waste to national parks to water projects...1/4

science & technology

How computers push on the molecules they simulate

(PhysOrg) Because modern computers have to depict the real world with digital representations of numbers instead of physical analogues, to simulate the continuous passage of time they have to digitize time into small slices...1/3

A Computational Model of the Human Heart

(The Atlantic) The heart is a beautiful pump. While lacking the poetry of most odes to the heart, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center's project, Alya Red, pays homage to the organ by trying to model it...1/3

Visionary Images: The Lost Fractals of Benoît Mandelbrot

(Wired) Many people know Benoît Mandelbrot from the computer screensavers of a pre-LCD era. Others have a deeper understanding of his mathematics, the repeating geometries that earned him the sobriquet Father of Fractals...1/3

Other Stories

Why Touch Screens Will Not Take Over

(Scientific American) Why personal computers still need the keyboard and mouse, despite Microsoft's best efforts to kill them off...1/3

The E-Reader Revolution: Over Just as It Has Begun?

(Wall Street Journal) Dedicated devices for reading e-books have been a hot category for the past half-dozen years, but the shrinking sizes and falling prices of full-featured tablet computers are raising questions about the fate of reading-only gadgets...1/4