Thursday, January 4, 2018
ORNL in the News

Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, January 2018

(EurekAlert) Biology--Telltale microbes...Data--Plug-in learning...Fossil energy--Neutrons run deep...Transportation--Better charging access...Materials--Shape-memory conductors...Neutrons--Exotic particles...1/3

AI Uses Titan Supercomputer to Create Deep Neural Nets in Less Than a Day

(Singularity Hub) ...researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, using the most powerful supercomputer in the US, have developed an AI system that can generate neural networks as good if not better than any developed by a human in less than a day...1/3

Techmer receives R&D 100 Award

(Specialty Fabrics Review) Techmer PM, Clinton, Tenn., was honored for its innovative materials design work in the Process/Prototyping category in R&D Magazine’s 2017 R&D 100 Awards program...Techmer PM earned the award for its work collaborating with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and BASF to design two new, 3-D printable, engineering thermoplastic compounds—Electrafil® PPS 3DP and Electrafil® PPSU 3DP...1/4

New study visualizes motion of water molecules, promises new wave of electronic devices

(Space Daily) A novel approach to studying the viscosity of water has revealed new insights about the behavior of water molecules and may open pathways for liquid-based electronics...1/3

Science and Technology

What to expect in 2018: science in the new year

(Nature) Moon missions, ancient genomes and a publishing showdown are set to shape research...1/2

What Is This “Bomb Cyclone” Threatening the U.S.?

(Scientific American) New England is nervously awaiting heavy snow and strong winds as “Winter Storm Grayson” barrels up the U.S. Atlantic coast. Already, the storm has hit regions not accustomed to severe winter weather—Florida, Georgia, Virginia and the Carolinas—with a mixture of snow and rain...1/3

Energy and Science Policy

The long wait for fusion power may be coming to an end

(NBC News) One of the brightest hopes for controlled nuclear fusion, the giant ITER reactor at Cadarache in southeastern France, is now on track to achieve nuclear fusion operation in the mid- to late-2040s, says Dr. William Madia, a former director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory who led an independent review of the ITER project in 2013...12/29


Trump looks to create natural gas hub in coal country

(Washington Examiner) The Trump administration is looking to transform the fracking states of West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania into a massive hub for storing natural gas...1/3

DOE review highlights cleanup efforts of Paducah plant in 2017

(Kentucky New Era) A new cleanup contract, a safety milestone and a re-start of the depleted uranium hexafluoride conversion were among 2017 highlights at the U.S. Department of Energy's Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant...1/3

The top five wind stories of 2017

(Wind Power Engineering) Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018, a year of great promise for new wind industry development in the U.S. Before looking too far into the future, however, let’s take a quick look back to appreciate the progress wind power made in America last year...1/3

Ten members of Y-12 Protective Force graduate from tactical response training

(Oak Ridge Today) ...Y-12 said the training is intense and specific. Graduates prove they have the skills to execute operations that include recapture/recover and pursuit in order to support any interruption within the U.S. Department of Energy environment...1/1

Local and State

Tennessee leads the nation in small business growth

(Times Free Press) ...According to data compiled by one of the nation's biggest payroll providers, Tennessee's small business employers added workers at the fastest pace of any state in the nation last year, growing more than 2 percent during the year...1/3