Thursday, January 10,2013
ORNL in the News

Ames Lab wins Critical Materials Hub; ORNL among the research partners

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Ames Laboratory is the winner of the latest Energy Innovation Hub, with this one focusing on developing rapid solutions to shortages of critical materials, including rare earth metals, for U.S. energy security. The hub is expected to get $120 million in funding over five years...Oak Ridge National Laboratory is one of the supporting partners...1/9

Spallation Neutron Source returns to action

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Spallation Neutron Source, after rocky times this fall due to back-to-back target vessel failures and a two-week shutdown during the holidays, is up and running again, and there are plans to keep it in a production mode through the end of May to make up for lost ground...1/9


Increasing Access to Materials Critical to the Clean Energy Economy

( ...The Critical Materials Hub is the latest of the Energy Department’s Energy Innovation Hubs -- which combine basic and applied research with engineering to accelerate scientific discovery in critical energy areas...1/9

B&W responds to NNSA Procurement Decision

(Oak Ridger) “The Babcock & Wilcox Co. was notified today that our team was not selected to lead the National Nuclear Security Administration’s combined Management and Operating (M&O) contract for the Y-12 National Security Complex and Pantex Plant,” a Tuesday B&W release stated...1/9

US Energy Department Backs Company's Energy Efficient Technology

( In an effort to find ways to lessen the United States’ dependence on foreign oil, the US Department of Energy Argonne National Laboratory has awarded a $150,000 research grant to Pixelligent Technologies to further develop its technology to make industrial and automotive lubricants more efficient...1/7


In Chavez’s absence, U.S. works to open communication with Venezuela

(Washington Post) With cancer-stricken President Hugo Chavez battling for his life, the Obama administration has embarked on a discreet but concerted weeks-long diplomatic initiative to open channels of communication with his sharply anti-American government...1/9

State & Regional

TVA program offers business incentives

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Knoxville businesses have an opportunity to save money on light bills and get up to $2,000 in incentives toward more efficient lighting under a new TVA/KUB program...1/10

2013 Nissan Leaf now being built in Tennessee

(AP) ...Nissan announced in a news release on Wednesday that production of the all-electric car had begun in Smyrna, next door to the company's lithium-ion automotive battery plant...1/9

energy & science policy

2013 Prediction: Science Funding Remains Strong

(Popular Science) ...On the stump, Obama championed science and technology. Under his administration, those fields, particularly renewable energy and medical research, should continue to enjoy significant federal support over the next four years...1/9

science & technology

How Much of the Web Is Archived? Truth Is, We Don't Really Know

(The Atlantic) Here's the challenge: new Internet is being made all the time. Oftentimes, these new pages are added to existing networks on Tumblr or Facebook or Twitter or Livejournal. But other times, someone fires up a web server that's off the standard map, and it the web's crawlers, try as they might, may not find that page for a while, if ever...1/7

Under Construction: The World's Largest Thermal Solar Plant

(NPR) According to photographer Jamey Stillings, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS) will be the "world's largest concentrated solar thermal power plant" when complete at the end of this year. That's if we want to get all technical...1/9

Researchers Work to Counter Spear Phishing Attacks

(Science Daily) "Spear phishing is the most popular way to get into a corporate network these days," said Andrew Howard, a GTRI research scientist who heads up the organization's malware unit...1/9

Fireflies Inspire Brighter LEDs

(Discovery News) LEDs are bright, but they don't shine as bright as their potential. That's because when light emits from an LED, some of it gets reflected back inside...1/9

Other Stories

What Did Google Earth Spot in the Chinese Desert? Even an Ex-CIA Analyst Isn’t Sure

(Wired News) Late last month, former CIA analyst Allen Thomson was clicking through a space news website when he noticed a story about a new orbital tracking site being built near the small city of Kashgar in southwestern China. Curious, he went to Google Earth to find it. He poked around for a while, with no luck. Then he came across something kind of weird...1/9