Friday, January 11, 2013
ORNL in the News

Rep. Fleischmann’s staff members visit ORNL

(Oak Ridge Today) U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann’s new legislative director, Alek Vey, and his new communications director, Tyler Threadgill, visited Oak Ridge National Laboratory Thursday...1/11

Amy SivakNASA Researchers Studying Advanced Nuclear Rocket Technologies

(Science Daily) Advanced propulsion researchers at NASA are a step closer to solving the challenge of safely sending human explorers to Mars and other solar system destinations....Marshall researchers are partnering on the project with NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio...and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tenn...1/10

PermafrostA New Way to Study Permafrost Soil, Above and Below Ground

(Space Daily) What does pulling a radar-equipped sled across the Arctic tundra have to do with improving our understanding of climate change?...The NGEE-Arctic project is a collaboration among scientists and engineers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Berkeley Lab, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks...1/9


Car Companies XP Vehicles, Limnia Sue U.S. Over Loans

(Bloomberg) President Barack Obama’s administration played favorites on clean-energy loans while improperly blocking a carmaker and a related technology company from receiving millions in aid, according to two lawsuits...1/10

Vereb to coordinate Y-12/Pantex transition

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The award of the new Y-12/Pantex combined management contract is barely announced, but the transition process -- from B&W Y-12 to the Consolidated Nuclear Security team -- is getting underway...1/10

State & Regional

Police speak against wine sales in grocery stores

(WSMV) Law enforcement agencies Wednesday spoke against allowing wine sales in grocery stores. The issue is once again up for debate on Capitol Hill...1/10


Flu OutbreakMajor Flu Outbreak Threatens to Slow Economy Further

(CNBC) One of the worst flu seasons in a decade is putting further strains on an already sluggish U.S. economy as companies get slammed with increased health care costs and lower productivity from widespread worker absences...1/10

Biden butts heads with NRA in gun violence drive

(Reuters) Vice President Joe Biden butted heads with the powerful National Rifle Association on Thursday in his drive to reduce U.S. gun violence, drawing complaints from the lobby group that the White House is trying to limit constitutionally protected gun rights...1/10

East Tennessee

TennovaTennova may build new West Knox hospital to replace old St. Mary's hospital

(WBIR) Tennova Healthcare plans to purchase land in West Knoxville near the existing Dowell Springs Medical Park, where they could build a new hospital...1/10

energy & science policy

Surprise Choices Mark New Leadership on U.S. House Science Panel

(Science Magazine) High turnover is not unusual within the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology of the House of Representatives, which ranks low on the totem pole of powerful committees. Even so, Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX), the new chair of the full 40-member committee, has made some surprising decisions in selecting the chairpersons of the panel's six subcommittees...1/9

science & technology

Dream ChaserThe 4 Spaceships Vying to Send Crews to the ISS

(Popular Mechanics) The secretive private space program of founder Jeff Bezos divulged perhaps the most details of its progress to date. Blue Origin president Rob Meyerson boasted that his was the only company of the four to conduct a flight demonstration for NASA's Commercial Crew Development program (CCDev)...1/9

Super EarthsMost Earth-Like Alien Planet Possibly Found

( With a radius that is just 1.5 times that of Earth, the potential planet is a so-called "super-Earth," meaning it is just slightly larger than the Earth. The candidate planet orbits a star similar to the sun at a distance that falls within the "habitable zone"...1/9

Are generics really the same as branded drugs?

(CNN) In October the Food and Drug Administration took a highly unusual step: It declared that a generic drug it had previously approved -- a version of the popular antidepressant Wellbutrin -- was not in fact "bioequivalent" to the name-brand version. The FDA withdrew its approval...1/10

Other Stories

Guatemalan LaborerAs Biofuel Demand Grows, So Do Guatemala’s Hunger Pangs

(New York Times) In the tiny tortillerias of this city, people complain ceaselessly about the high price of corn. Just three years ago, one quetzal — about 15 cents — bought eight tortillas; today it buys only four....1/5

Out there

Platinum RockHow Big Would a Coin Made of $1 Trillion Worth of Platinum Be?

(Wired) Of course this isn't what is being considered, but what if the U.S. Treasury minted a coin from $1 trillion worth of platinum? Such a coin would weigh 42,778,918 pounds — the equivalent of nearly seven Saturn V rockets — and occupy 31,947 cubic feet. What would this coin look like?...1/9