Tuesday, January 20, 2015
ORNL in the News

ORNL's cyber warfare team goes after bad guys; Hyperion studies malware behavior

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Cyber Warfare Research Team, a tech squad that currently consists of 11 members, including a few students, appears to be making a difference in the fight against online bad guys...1/20

Insulation to be money saver for homeowners

(The Daily Times) A composite foam insulation panel being developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and partners could reduce wall-generated heating and cooling loads in buildings by 38 to 50 percent, potentially saving homeowners $150 or more per year...1/16

Terrestrial Energy announces collaboration with ORNL

(Nuclear Exchange) Terrestrial Energy has entered into an initial collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This includes work that is part of Terrestrial Energy’s program to advance the company’s integral molten salt reactor to the engineering blueprint stage, expected in late 2016...1/19

How long will Thom Mason stay at ORNL?

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) Thom Mason, who turned 50 last year, has been director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory since 2007, and his star continues to rise. The Oak Ridge lab has grown in size and stature under his leadership, and his advice is coveted in high levels of government and by scientific institutions around the globe...1/15

Science and Technology

GrapheneGraphene multiplies the power of light

(PhysOrg) Could graphene turn light to electricity? Scientists have shown that graphene can convert a single photon into multiple electrons, showing much promise for future photovoltaic devices...1/19

New high-speed 3-D microscope -- SCAPE -- gives deeper view of living things

(Science Daily) SCAPE, a new microscope that images living things in 3-D at very high speeds, has been developed by engineers. The microscope uses a simple, single-objective imaging geometry that requires no sample mounting or translation, making it possible to image freely moving living samples...1/19

Energy and Science Policy

New E.U. Law Lets Nations Ban Gene-Modified Crops

(Scientific American) After nearly five years of debate the European parliament has finally approved a new law that will allow EU nations to restrict or ban the cultivation of GM crops within their borders...1/19

New regulations will be costly for oil, gas industry

(Tyler Morning News) The Obama administration announced on Tuesday that it will issue new regulations on the oil and gas industry designed to significantly reduce methane emissions. It is another attempt to put another nail in the coffin of fossil fuels...1/17



Russian WarheadRussia ends US nuclear security alliance

(The Boston Globe) The private diplomatic meetings took place over two days in mid-December in a hotel overlooking Moscow's Red Square. But unlike in previous such gatherings, the sense of camaraderie, even brotherhood, was overshadowed by an uncomfortable chill, according to participants...1/19

Feds say troubled US nuclear waste dump in New Mexico may not fully reopen until 2018

(Fox News) The U.S. Department of Energy and the contractor that runs the federal government's troubled nuclear waste repository say it could be more than three years before all operations resume at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in southern New Mexico...1/15

National Spherical Torus ExperimentWhy It's Taking The U.S. So Long To Make Fusion Energy Work

(The Huffington Post) Hidden in the woods two miles from Princeton University's main campus sits a drab white building easily mistakable for a warehouse. Inside is one of the Ivy League school's most expensive experiments: a 22-foot-tall metal spheroid surrounded by Crayola-colored magnets...1/20

Local and State

Tennessee start-ups see uptick in venture capital

(The Tennessean) There are a lot of ways to measure progress and success of a state's entrepreneurial landscape. What's the biggest? Money. And in Tennessee these days, there's more venture capital finding its way to entrepreneurs than ever before...1/18

Red-light-camera SignRed-light camera ban not popular with Knoxville officials

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) Blow through a red light at some Knoxville intersections and you might see the pop of a flash from a camera in your rearview mirror. Then you'll probably catch a fine...1/16

ORAU wins contract worth up to $89 million from EPA

(Oak Ridge Today) Oak Ridge Associated Universities recently won a five-year contract worth up to $89 million from the Environmental Protection Agency to manage the EPA Environmental Research and Business Support Program...1/19