Tuesday, January 21, 2014
ORNL in the News

Study suggests E30 biofuel offers huge efficiency improvement

(The Green Car) How much of an impact could a mid-level biofuel blend have on the efficiency of the vehicles we drive? According to researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the improvements could be significant. The laboratory's national transportation research centre reports that E30 (30 per cent biofuel) can offer notable benefits for spark-ignited engines...1/20

$2.9M Award Will Help Reduce Fuel Use

(Product Design and Development) ...the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) wants to reduce liquid fuel consumption at these bases, by expanding the use of alternative energy sources and by improving energy efficiency...the project will also involve researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, DoD laboratories, and a number of companies that are producing energy-related technologies...1/20


Budget offers recovery hope

(Nature) ...Congress displayed a rare moment of harmony last week as its members swiftly approved a US$1.1-trillion spending bill for 2014...Department of Energy’s Office of Science, received small increases compared with 2012 funding levels...1/20

State & Regional

National Register of Historic Places adds eight Tennessee sights

(AP) Eight Tennessee sites spanning the state have been added to the National Register of Historic Places...1/21


U.S., EU Lift Some Iran Sanctions After Assurances On Uranium

(NPR) The United States and European Union say they will lift some sanctions against Iran after reports from international inspectors that Tehran has suspended high-level enrichment of uranium under an interim pact to scale back its nuclear program...1/20

East Tennessee

US Ag Deputy Sec. Harden to visit UT Ag campus

(AP) U.S. Agriculture Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden is scheduled to visit two Tennessee universities this week to discuss the need for Congress to pass a comprehensive food, farm and jobs bill...1/21

energy & science policy

FY 2014 Appropriations: NIBIB and NIH

(AIP) The FY 2014 appropriations cycle is coming to a close. On Monday evening an almost 1,600 page bill was released that was the product of intense negotiations between the House and Senate Appropriations Committees since a budget agreement was announced in December...1/17

science & technology

China Exports Pollution to U.S., Study Finds

(NY Times) Filthy emissions from China’s export industries are carried across the Pacific Ocean and contribute to air pollution in the Western United States, according to a paper published Monday by a prominent American science journal...1/20

Constructed wetlands save frogs and birds threatened with extinction

(PhysOrg) Over the last few decades, several thousands of wetlands have been constructed in Sweden in agricultural landscapes. The primary reason is that the wetlands prevent a surfeit of nutrients from reaching our oceans and lakes...1/21

Other Stories

Iran invite to Syria talks withdrawn after boycott threat

(Reuters) U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon withdrew a last-minute invitation to Iran to attend peace talks on Syria on Monday after the Syrian opposition threatened to boycott this week's conference if President Bashar al-Assad's main sponsor took part...1/21

Doomsday clock remains set at five minutes to midnight

(CS Monitor) The iconic Doomsday Clock, which graces the cover of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, remains set to 11:55. It should be emphasized that the Doomsday Clock is not itself a doomsday device...1/15