Monday, January 22, 2018
ORNL in the News

Oak Ridge develops shape-memory leathery material coated with silver nanoparticles

(ASM International) Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tenn., reports that its scientists have developed a method for making a renewable, leathery shape-memory material that is coated with a thin layer of silver nanoparticles to activate electrical conductivity...1/18

Gas Pressure GrapheneUnder Pressure, Graphene Flexes Its Muscles

(Controlled Environments) ...At the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, scientists subjected a graphene membrane to pressurized gas to make it bulge, stretching out its wrinkles and allowing measurement of elastic properties at different degrees of crumpling...1/18

DOE Projects to Advance High-Performance Computing in Manufacturing

(Ceramic Industry) The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced $1.87 million for seven projects to advance innovation in U.S. manufacturing through high-performance computing...Led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the program includes projects with Argonne National Laboratory, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the National Energy Technology Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratories...1/19

Supercomputer-powered training puts machine learning on the fast track

(GCN) ...“There is a lot of design process to architecting what the [neural] network looks like,” said Travis Johnston, a postdoctoral researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Johnston and his ORNL colleague Steven Young have been tapping into the lab’s Titan supercomputer to automate the design of neural networks...1/17

Science and Technology

Science in limbo as US government shuts down

(Nature News) Scientists in the United States are bracing for impact after lawmakers in Congress failed to agree on a plan to fund the government, triggering its indefinite shutdown on 20 January. As a result of the impasse, thousands of federal researchers have been ordered to stay home, barred from accessing their government e-mail and phones...1/20

Energy and Science Policy

House Committee Explores R&D Priorities and Potential Reforms at DOE

(AIP) At a recent House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing, participants touched on a wide range of issues related to the Department of Energy, including R&D priorities and the management and structure of the national lab system. The committee framed the hearing as a prelude to potential DOE reform legislation...1/18


US DOE using supercomputers to improve energy efficiency of transportation networks

(Traffic Technology Today) The DOE's 17 National Laboratories are home to 32 of the world's 500 fastest supercomputers, which are used by the agency's scientists and researchers to accelerate research by creating models from complex data sets. Now, two new VTO initiatives – High Performance Computing for Mobility (HPC4Mobility) and Big Data Solutions for Mobility – will use the supercomputing capabilities of the national labs to find solutions to real-world transportation energy challenges...1/19

Y-12 to build replacement parts for nuclear warheads on submarine missiles

(Oak ridge Today) The Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge has been approved to build parts for a system being replaced in the W88 nuclear warhead, which is deployed on submarine-launched missiles, according to the National Nuclear Security Administration...1/18

Coupling Experiments to Theory to Build a Better Battery

(Berkeley Lab) Lithium-sulfur batteries are promising candidates for replacing common lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles since they are cheaper, weigh less, and can store nearly double the energy for the same mass. However, lithium-sulfur batteries become unstable over time, and their electrodes deteriorate, limiting widespread adoption...1/18

Local and State

Government shutdown: How it affects Manhattan Project Park

(Oak Ridge Today) The federal government shut down this weekend after federal funding expired Friday, and an official outlined the impacts to the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, which includes Oak Ridge, on Sunday...1/21

Middle school students shoot for satellite in space with NASA

(WVLT TV) Students at Robertsville Middle School in Oak Ridge are awaiting word from NASA on acceptance of their proposal to launch a satellite into space. Todd Livesay's class wants to use the satellite to monitor the regrowth of forests in Sevier County following the 2016 wildfires...1/19