Thursday, January 23, 2014
ORNL in the News

ORNL, DOE, Roane State, Borchers to take part in STEM Night at Woodland

(Oak Ridge Today) Representatives from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Energy, and Roane State Community College—as well as Superintendent Bruce Borchers—will take part in a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Night for students at Woodland Elementary School on Thursday...1/22

Vehicle Design Innovator Local Motors Signs CRADA with ORNL to Enable the Rapid Design and Manufacturing of Vehicles Through Direct Digital Manufacturing

(Business Wire) Local Motors, Inc. announced a groundbreaking new partnership with the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Local Motors will work with the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL to develop and deliver technology to produce the world’s first production 3D printed vehicle...1/23


Federal spending bill includes money for Y-12 water plant, reduces UPF spending

(Oak Ridge Today) The $1 trillion federal spending bill passed by Congress last week provides money for a water treatment plant that would help reduce mercury contamination in Oak Ridge, and it includes less money for the Uranium Processing Facility than President Obama had requested...1/22

Cooling microprocessors with carbon nanotubes

(EurekAlert) "Cool it!" That's a prime directive for microprocessor chips and a promising new solution to meeting this imperative is in the offing. Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)'s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a "process friendly" technique that would enable the cooling of microprocessor chips through carbon nanotubes....1/22


6.3 million eligible for Medicaid since Obamacare launch

(Reuters) More than 6.3 million Americans were deemed eligible for government healthcare plans for the poor since the October 1 launch of President Barack Obama's healthcare law through December...1/22

U.S. Oil Demand Grew Faster Than China’s in 2013. That Won’t Last

(Time) Production has been booming for awhile, but last year American demand for the black stuff grew by 390,000 barrels a day...1/21

U.S. to Hit Debt Limit in Late February

(Time) Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has told Congress the U.S. will run out of accounting gimmicks to keep financing the government in late February, setting the stage for another debt-ceiling standoff slightly earlier than expected...1/22



energy & science policy

Putin Wipes Funding Slate Clean With Decree

(Science Magazine) President Vladimir Putin last week signed a clutch of decrees that could have a profound effect on science in Russia...1/22

$50M funding op for vehicle technologies

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today announced about $50 million in funding opportunities to boost research on new vehicle technologies “that give drivers and businesses more transportation options and protect the environment in communities nationwide.”...1/22

science & technology

U.S. Offshore Wind Farm, Made in Europe

(NY Times) ...Offshore wind farms are inherently risky ventures, requiring enormous investments not only from developers and financiers but also from governments and, ultimately, ordinary citizens...1/22

EU climate targets fail to convince scientists

(Nature) Planned greenhouse-gas cuts for 2030 might not be enough to avoid disastrous temperature increases...1/22

Tech firms vie to secure energy sector against cyberattacks

(McClatchy Tribune) ...Smart electric meters on the sides of houses can be entryways for cyberterrorists to shut off a city’s power grid. Remote-controlled valves in oil refineries can be manipulated to cause costly spills...1/22

3 Clever New Ways to Store Solar Energy

(Popular Science) Researchers struggle to find the most efficient—and least expensive—way to bring solar energy to consumers even when the sun isn't shining...1/21

Graphene - a 21st Century wonder discovery

(Scientific American) Researchers at Britain's University of Manchester believe their work on graphene, a material they call 'the wonder material of the 21st Century', will change the way we live. Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel but extemely lightweight...1/22