Monday, January 23, 2017
ORNL in the News

Neutrons and a ‘Bit of Gold’ Uncover New Type of Quantum Phase Transition

(PhysOrg) When matter changes from solids to liquids to vapors, the changes are called phase transitions. Among the most interesting types are more exotic changes—quantum phase transitions—where the strange properties of quantum mechanics can bring about extraordinary changes in curious ways...1/19

Meet the Director: Buddy Bland

(SAT Press Releases) The cellphone Buddy Bland carries today is a thousand times more powerful than the Cray supercomputer installed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) back in 1985. And he should know. Bland helped to stand up that Cray computer and every new supercomputer since...1/23

Science and Technology

Cosmologists a step closer to understanding quantum gravity

(PhysOrg) Cosmologists trying to understand how to unite the two pillars of modern science – quantum physics and gravity – have found a new way to make robust predictions about the effect of quantum fluctuations on primordial density waves, ripples in the fabric of space and time...1/23

Energy and Science Policy

National Academy President McNutt Addresses Anxieties in Scientific Community

(AIP) At the American Geophysical Union fall meeting in December, National Academy of Sciences President Marcia McNutt offered advice to a geosciences community she said is “under siege,” called on scientists to embrace “convergence research,” and directly addressed concerns about the Trump transition...1/19


Pharma partnership applies deep learning to very big data

(Chemical & Engineering News) GlaxoSmithKline has for several years engaged in a campaign of creative destruction, acting to replace traditional methods of manufacturing and research with more efficient ways of doing things...1/23

INL spent fuel shipment remains in limbo

(Idaho Falls Post Register) Idaho National Laboratory officials still hope to receive a small shipment of spent nuclear fuel for a research project with South Korea this spring. But it appears unlikely the shipment will be allowed by then, considering the U.S. Department of Energy's continued challenges starting up its Integrated Waste Treatment Unit....1/19

Local and State

First African-American, female elected TVA board chair

(WATE TV) The Tennessee Valley Authority board of directors unanimously elected V. Lynn Evans of Memphis board chair. Evans is not only the first African-American to serve as chair in TVA's 83-year history. She is also the first female and the first person from Memphis to chair the board...1/19