Tuesday, January 24, 2012
ORNL in the News

Metadynamics technique offers insight into mineral growth and dissolution

(Physorg.com) By using a novel technique to better understand mineral growth and dissolution, researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory are improving predictions of mineral reactions and laying the groundwork for applications ranging from keeping oil pipes clear to sequestering radium...1/23


Enterprise Center Announces 5th Annual Technology Transfer Conference

(Chattanoogan.com) ...This year’s conference will also showcase inventions and technology from Y-12 National Security Complex, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Tennessee, and other research institutions. Attendees will be able to observe proto-types, inventions, and newly commercialized products...1/23

So, how's business at the ORNL hotel?

(Knoxville News Sentinel) ...According to information provided by Jon Forstrom (via Ron Walli of public affairs), UT-Battelle, the government's managing contractor at ORNL, would like to achieve at least 50 percent occupancy at the Guesthouse. That hasn't happened so far...1/23

Guard allegedly found asleep at Oak Ridge

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The government's security contractor confirmed Monday it is investigating allegations that a security officer slept on the job and also used an unauthorized cellphone inside a high-security facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...1/24

State & Regional

"Achtung" meets "Mais oui" in Tennessee

(Fortune) ...Commenting on the January 9 announcement that Daimler's Mercedes-Benz engines will be built in Tennessee by Renault alliance partner, Nissan, Daimler chief executive Dieter Zetsche explained that his company is "systematically broadening our manufacturing footprint in this important growth market."...1/23

TVA plans more lease-purchase deals like John Sevier

(Knoxville News Sentinel) With a $1 billion lease-purchase agreement on its John Sevier Combined Cycle Plant now in hand, TVA is setting a course to make greater use of such alternative financing arrangements to meet capital funding needs without drawing closer to a $30 billion debt ceiling...1/22


Study to look at putting natural gas pipeline under Columbia River

(TriCity Herald) The Department of Energy is proceeding with an environmental study of building a natural gas pipeline that would travel under the Columbia River to the center of the Hanford nuclear reservation...1/24


In Afghan War, U.S. Prepares To Redefine The Mission

(NPR) ... U.S. troops are expected to move away from their lead role in combat operations in most areas. Instead, they'll advise Afghan forces to take the lead in both operations and security duties throughout much of Afghanistan...1/24

East Tennessee

Smokies park looks at future as visits slip a bit

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Great Smoky Mountains National Park remains the busiest of the nation's parks by far, despite a brush with dropping below 9 million visitors in 2011...1/23

energy & science policy

U.S.: Nation will be more energy independent by 2035

(USA Today) By 2035, the United States will have more energy independence as it relies less on imports and produces more oil, natural gas and renewable power such as solar and wind, the U.S. government reports Monday...1/23

science & technology

Graphene 'Invisible' to Water

(Science Daily) Graphene is the thinnest material known to science. The nanomaterial is so thin, in fact, water often doesn't even know it's there...1/23

Cooling Semiconductors by Laser Light

(Physorg.com) Researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute have combined two fields -- quantum physics and nano physics -- and this has led to the discovery of a new method for laser cooling semiconductor membranes...1/22

How Climate Change Could Reshape the Internet Ecosystem, Too

(The Atlantic) Melting icecaps may make it possible for cables to run directly from Asia to Europe, bypassing North America...1/23

Strongest Solar Storm Since 2005 Hits Earth

(AP) The sun is bombarding Earth with radiation from the biggest solar storm in more than six years with more to come from the fast-moving eruption...1/23

Researchers Agree To Temporary Halt For Bird Flu Experiments

(NPR) Scientists have said that they are voluntarily putting some controversial bird flu research on hold. The move to suspend the work for 60 days comes in response to critics who say their work is dangerous...1/20

Other Stories

Homeland Security Wants to Spy on 4 Square Miles at Once

(Wired News) It’s not just for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars anymore. The Department of Homeland Security is interested in a camera package that can peek in on almost four square miles of (constitutionally protected) American territory for long, long stretches of time...1/23