Thursday, January 24, 2013
ORNL in the News

Study paves way for larger, safer lithium ion batteries

(PhysOrg) Looking toward improved batteries for charging electric cars and storing energy from renewable but intermittent solar and wind, scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed the first high-performance, nanostructured solid electrolyte for more energy-dense lithium ion batteries...1/23

National Strategic Protective Services to supply Oak Ridge security force

(Government Security News) ...NSPS, a joint venture between Triple Canopy, Inc. and Securiguard, Inc., said it will be responsible for providing protective force services to the East Tennessee Technology Park, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Joe L. Evins Federal Building, and the balance of the Oak Ridge Reservation...1/23


Defense industry braces for major spending cuts

(Fortune) Congress and the Obama Administration will need to strike a new deal in late March to avoid chopping billions from defense budgets. The major contractors are preparing now...1/23

North Korea Vows Nuclear Test and Threatens U.S.

(NY Times) North Korea vowed on Thursday to launch more long-range rockets and conduct its third nuclear test, saying that it would build a capability to strike the United States in the wake of the United Nations Security Council’s tightened sanctions against the country...1/24


Tearing down K-25's North Tower

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The remaining structure of K-25's North Tower came tumbling down with a boom this morning, marking another milestone in the decades-long, billion-dollar effort to stabilize, tear down and cleanup one of the oversized nuclear legacies of the World War II Manhattan Project...1/23

CSI: Tennessee—Enter the World of Nuclear Forensics

(Smithsonian) At the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, scientists are quietly assembling what they hope will be the world’s most radioactive library...Feb 2013

East Tennessee

UT app designers win $15,000 prize grand prize

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Two University of Tennessee departments are splitting the $15,000 grand prize in a national competition to produce an online application on workplace safety...1/24

McClung Museum Curator Discusses Near-Extinct Mussels at Science Forum

(Tennessee Today) Alabama lampmussels were considered to be all but extinct when Gerry Dinkins and two other scientists discovered some in the Emory River in Morgan County, Tennessee...1/23

Future Energy Stars

(Tennessee Alumnus) On graduation day, Lauren Johnson didn’t have to worry about finding a job. She already had one. In the middle of an internship at Eastman Chemical she had during her senior year, the company offered the UT Knoxville engineering major a permanent position...1/19

State & Regional

Nissan may send 2nd hybrid to Smyrna

(The Tennessean) Nissan’s Smyrna complex could soon be making gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles — and the batteries for them — while also continuing to assemble the all-electric Leaf car and its lithium-ion battery packs.

science & technology

Computing: A vision for data science

(Nature) Two small words — 'big data' — are getting a lot of play across the sciences. Funding agencies, such as the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health in the United States, have created million-dollar programmes around the challenges of storing and handling vast data streams...1/23

NASA climate data indicates that the long-term global warming trend is continuing

(Scientific American) New measurements by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies indicate that 2012 was the ninth warmest year since 1880, and that the past decade or so has seen some of the warmest years in the last 132 years...1/23

Scientists Put An End To Moratorium On Bird Flu Research

(NPR) Controversial experiments on bird flu could resume within weeks because leading influenza researchers around the world have finally called a halt to an unusual moratorium that has lasted more than a year...1/23

New Supergel Has Strange Biological Properties

(Wired Science) Using synthetic molecules, scientists have created a gel that behaves similarly to the proteins that form a cell’s internal, shape-controlling scaffold. Eventually, the gel might be able to help heal wounds, build artificial cells, and deliver drugs to targeted areas...1/23

Other Stories

Samsung's road to global domination

(Fortune) The South Korean electronics giant is trampling rivals and gunning for Apple. Can its hot streak last?...1/22

When We Blew Up Arizona to Simulate the Moon

(The Atlantic) In the late 1960s, NASA created an offworld analogue with dynamite and fertilizer bombs outside Flagstaff, Arizona, so that astronauts could train for the Apollo missions...1/23