Wednesday, January 25, 2012
ORNL in the News

Rice lab mimics Jupiter's Trojan asteroids inside a single atom

(Innovations Report) In a new paper published this week in Physical Review Letters, Rice's team and collaborators at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Vienna University of Technology showed they could cause an electron in an atom to orbit the nucleus in precisely the same way that Jupiter's Trojan asteroids orbit the sun...1/25

ASHRAE Recognizes Outstanding HVAC&R Industry Achievements

( Thirty-six people are being recognized by ASHRAE for their contributions to the Society and the building industry at the Society’s 2012 Winter Conference...Van Baxter is senior research and development engineer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory...Edward Vineyard is group leader, building equipment research, Oak Ridge National Laboratory...1/25

Metadynamics technique offers insight into mineral growth and dissolution news

( By using a novel technique to better understand mineral growth and dissolution, researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory are improving predictions of mineral reactions and laying the groundwork for applications ranging from keeping oil pipes clear to sequestering radium...1/25


Y-12/Pantex HQ could go to Amarillo

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Oak Ridge is a big deal within the U.S. Department of Energy, playing host to a diverse mix of facilities and programs that range from nuclear weapons to science research and environmental cleanup...1/25

Secretary Chu and Energy Department Officials to Travel Across America to Discuss the Obama Administration’s Commitment to Energy Innovation and Manufacturing

(DOE Press Release) This week, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Deputy Secretary Daniel Poneman and other senior Energy Department officials will participate in events across the country to highlight President Obama’s State of the Union address and discuss the Obama Administration’s commitment to energy innovation and advanced manufacturing...1/24


Sanctions Against Iran Grow Tighter, but What’s the Next Step?

(NY Times) As the Obama administration and its European allies toughened economic sanctions against Iran on Monday — blocking its access to the world financial system and undermining its critical oil and gas industry — officials on both sides of the Atlantic acknowledge that their last-ditch effort has only a limited chance of persuading Tehran to abandon what the West fears is its pursuit of nuclear weapons...1/24

East Tennessee

Solar farm under construction near East Tennessee Technology Park

(Knoxville News Sentinel) A company planning new headquarters nearby is constructing a solar farm on a brownfield site next to East Tennessee Technology Park, and it's calling its project "Brightfield."...1/25

energy & science policy

How Obama Plans to ‘Double Down’ on Clean Energy

(Scientific American) Early in his state of the union speech, President Obama renewed his call of last year for investments in clean energy. Unbowed by the troubles with Solyndra, Obama said he would direct the defense department to throw its buying power behind clean energy supplies for the U.S. military...1/24

Is The Booming Natural Gas Industry Overproducing?

(NPR) The practice of hydraulic fracturing — pumping fluid into underground rock to push up natural gas — has its detractors, especially among environmentalists. But it's becoming clear that whatever its drawbacks, "fracking," as it's called, is producing a lot of gas — maybe too much gas...1/25

science & technology

Solar storm buffets Earth: How protected is the US power grid?

(CS Monitor) Peak impact of the solar storm was expected Tuesday. Only a few of the strongest storms have a serious impact, but modern society is more dependent on power grids than ever...1/24

New Material to Remove Radioactive Gas from Spent Nuclear Fuel

(Science Daily) Research by a team of Sandia chemists could impact worldwide efforts to produce clean, safe nuclear energy and reduce radioactive waste...1/24

46 New Species Discovered

(Discovery News) One of the world's last pristine tropical forests is home to a bevy of new species...1/25

Other Stories

U.S. commandos free two pirate hostages in Somalia

(Reuters) U.S. special forces swooped into Somalia on Wednesday and rescued an American and a Dane after a shootout with pirates holding them hostage, in a rare raid into the Horn of Africa nation to free foreign captives...1/25