Friday, January 28, 2011
ORNL in the News

Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley® at Epicenter of Nuclear Renaissance

(PR Newswire) With an estimated $10 billion of projects on the horizon, the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley finds itself at the epicenter of a rebirth of nuclear power research and construction. Last May, DOE selected Oak Ridge National Laboratory to lead a $122 million, five-year initiative to establish and operate a new Nuclear Energy Modeling and Simulation Energy Innovation Hub. The lab also studies fuel cycle and global nuclear security as well as reactor and non-reactor systems....1/25

President Highlights Innovation and Education in His State of the Union

(AIP Bulletin) The President outlined his views on energy policy, cited research performed at the California Institute of Technology and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and his goals for the utilization of electric cars and clean energy sources....1/27

EVs and charging: Newsy week puts the pedal to the metal

(Smart Grid News) Oak Ridge National Laboratory and local power companies are partners in the SMART station project. A second prototype is being built by the national laboratory in Oak Ridge, about 10 miles away. They will be tested for three to six months before additional stations are built...1/27

Obama's words heard here

(Knoxville News Sentinel) [Opinion] Obama noted Oak Ridge National Laboratory's supercomputer program as an example of the effectiveness of federal funding for research that can give America an edge in the marketplace, particularly in the effort to reduce dependency on fossil fuels....1/28


Vice President Biden Announces Plan to Put One Million Advanced Technology Vehicles on the Road by 2015

(DOE Press Release) Vice President Biden, Chair of the Middle Class Task Force, took the "White House to Main Street Tour" to Greenfield, Indiana, where he visited leading manufacturer Ener1, Inc., which produces advanced lithium-ion battery systems for electric vehicles, grid energy storage and industrial electronics....1/26

State & Regional

UT: State growth 'upbeat'

(Knoxville News Sentinel) It will take years for Tennessee to fully recover from the Great Recession, but the state economy is showing clear signs of improvement, according to the University of Tennessee's annual economic report released Thursday....1/28

Memphis to Vote on Transferring School System to County

(New York Times) Memphis voters will decide whether to merge their schools with those of the more prosperous Shelby County school system, which has been maneuvering to freeze out the city schools....1/28


Consumer spending seen helping quarterly growth

(Reuters) The U.S. economy probably gathered speed in the fourth quarter, with the biggest gain in consumer spending in four years offering the clearest signal yet that a sustainable recovery is under way....1/28

White House Attempts To Navigate Mideast Changes

(NPR) The Obama administration is trying to navigate new political realities in the Middle East. Hezbollah, which the U.S. calls a terrorist organization, is emerging as the main political power broker in Lebanon. Protesters toppled an autocrat in Tunisia, and many are taking to the streets in Egypt seemingly trying to do the same....1/28

East Tennessee

Roane County native Nancy-Ann DeParle named Obama's deputy chief of staff

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Roane County native who was President Barack Obama's point person on health care reform is getting a promotion. Nancy-Ann DeParle has been named one of Obama's two deputy chiefs of staff, the White House announced Thursday....1/27

energy & science policy

Loss Of Solar Jobs Has Mass. Rethinking State Aid

(NPR) Three years ago, Massachusetts wooed Evergreen Solar to locate in a former Army base in Devens that had been converted into an office park, hoping it would help boost the state's reputation as a hub for green industry. Now, many are second-guessing if and how government should be in the business of helping private business....1/28

science & technology

5 Myths of Challenger Shuttle Disaster Debunked

(National Geographic) On the 25th anniversary of the space shuttle disaster, find out what really happened to Challenger. For starters, there was no explosion....1/28

Tools Suggest Earlier Human Exit From Africa

(New York Times) If the stone tools found in the United Arab Emirates were made by modern humans, then modern humans got out of Africa much earlier than believed....1/28

Lake Vostok drilling in Antarctic 'running out of time'

(BBC) With only about 50m left to drill, time is running out for the Russian scientists hoping to drill into Vostok - the world's most enigmatic lake....1/27

On the hunt for universal intelligence

(PhysOrg) How do you use a scientific method to measure the intelligence of a human being, an animal, a machine or an extra-terrestrial? So far this has not been possible, but a team of Spanish and Australian researchers have taken a first step towards this by presenting the foundations to be used as a basis for this method in the journal Artificial Intelligence, and have also put forward a new intelligence test....1/27

In the Blink of Bird's Eye, a Model for Quantum Navigation

(Wired) European robins may maintain quantum entanglement in their eyes a full 20 microseconds longer than the best laboratory systems, say physicists investigating how birds may use quantum effects to "see" Earth's magnetic field....1/28

Other Stories

Obama administration to replace color-coded terror alerts with new warning system

(Washington Post) The Obama administration announced Thursday that it will scrap the color-coded terror threat alert system that was put in place after Sept. 11, 2001, and that became a symbol of the nation's anxiety after the attacks....1/27