Monday, January 30, 2012
ORNL in the News

Ted Sherry joins ORNL

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Ted Sherry, who recently retired government service and stepped down from his job as manager of the NNSA's Y-12 Site Office, will join the staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in early February He will become director of advanced programs in ORNL's Global Security Directorate, which is headed by Brent Park. Dr. Park made the announcement today...1/27

Metadynamics technique offers insight into mineral growth and dissolution

(domain-b) By using a novel technique to better understand mineral growth and dissolution, researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory are improving predictions of mineral reactions and laying the groundwork for applications ranging from keeping oil pipes clear to sequestering radium...1/27


Great Park Selected as Site of U.S. Department of Energy 2013 Solar Decathlon

(Sacramento Bee) The United States Department of Energy today announced that the Orange County Great Park has been selected as the site for the 2013 Solar Decathlon...1/26

State & Regional

Haslam budget expected to include new cuts, new spending

(Knoxville News Sentinel) In fashioning his second Tennessee government budget, Gov. Bill Haslam has anticipated having about $400 million more in state tax revenue to spread around than in his $30.2 billion plan for the current fiscal year...1/30

Bob CorkerTN Democrats seek celebrity to challenge Corker

(Tennessean) How do you compete in a statewide race when your party's best-known politicians have decided they've got better things to do than challenge an incumbent, well-funded U.S. senator? Try to find a celebrity...1/29


Stocks Pick UpEconomy Expands 2.8% But Growth Drivers To Peter Out

(Investor's Business Daily) A scramble to restock inventories and a sharp recovery in auto sales helped the economy expand at its fastest pace since mid-2010, but year-end GDP growth missed expectations and may cool off again in 2012...1/27

Female candidates for Congress on upward trend

(USA Today) The roster of congressional candidates for this year's elections is taking shape and one trend is emerging: 2012 could be another "Year of the Woman" in American politics...1/30

WTC ConstructionNew World Trade Center skyscraper becomes world's most expensive new office tower

(Fox News) The price tag for One World Trade Center, the signature skyscraper under construction at Ground Zero in New York, has risen to more than $3.8 billion, making it by far the world's most expensive new office tower, according to people familiar with the matter...1/30

energy & science policy

Defense Secretary Panetta: FY 2013 Budget Request Protects Science and Technology Programs

(AIP) When the Department of Defense releases its full FY 2013 budget request on February 13, it will be based on the Budget Control Act passed last year that will reduce projected Pentagon spending by $487 billion over the next ten years...1/27

science & technology

Russian physicists protest government consolidation

(Nature News) Physicists at one of Russia's top research institutes say that policies being imposed by the government are hindering their work and have mounted an Internet campaign to recruit help from colleagues elsewhere...1/27

Astronomers Solve Mystery of Vanishing Electrons in Earth's Outer Radiation Belt

(Science Daily) UCLA researchers have explained the puzzling disappearing act of energetic electrons in Earth's outer radiation belt, using data collected from a fleet of orbiting spacecraft...1/29

Study suggests patent protection may dampen innovation

(PhysOrg) Results of a new study by researchers from UCI and the University of Kansas suggest that, contrary to popular belief, greater amounts of innovation, productivity and social wealth may occur when people are required to pay damages for illegally using an invention rather than prohibited from using it at all...1/30

Other Stories

Why Are the Chinese Buying Record Quantities of Gold?

(Forbes) This month, the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department reported that China imported 102,779 kilograms of gold from Hong Kong in November, an increase from October's 86,299 kilograms...1/29


Out there

Mixing 21st-Century Cocktails with Dave Arnold at Booker & Dax

(Popular Science) There's an inescapable showmanship inherent in pouring liquid nitrogen into a champagne flute while a cloud of vapor billows from the -321°F fluid and puffs across the bar...1/27