Thursday, January 30, 2014
ORNL in the News

Self-cleaning solar panel coating optimizes energy collection, reduces costs

(Newswise) ...Under the sponsorship of the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy SunShot Concentrating Solar Power Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory is developing a low-cost, transparent, anti-soiling (or self-cleaning) coating for solar reflectors to optimize energy efficiency while lowering O&M costs and avoiding negative environmental impacts...1/29

UT officials lobby to win ownership of supercomputer

(The Daily Beacon) ...Tony Mezzacappa, named director of JICS last year, leads the university's campaign to win a new supercomputer... Mezzacappa will compete alongside a team of UT faculty and staff, many whom are joint staff with ORNL and JICS. A winner will be determined based on how the given institution plans to utilize the resource. With the computational expertise and infrastructure of Oak Ridge, Mezzacappa said he is confident in the university's chances...1/29


Los Angeles Recognized for Leadership in Energy Efficiency, Better Buildings Challenge

( As part of the Obama Administration’s efforts to work with state and local governments to deploy smart policies that drive investment and create jobs, the Energy Department today recognized the city of Los Angeles, Calif., for its leadership in the Department’s Better Buildings Challenge...1/29

Fleischmann retains seat on Energy & Water subcommittee

(Knoxville News Sentinel) ...House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers announced the subcommittee assignments today for the second session of the 113th Congress, and Fleischmann will keep the same subcommittee assignments — including Energy and Water, which directs funding for the Department of Energy...1/29


Pentagon, GSA map out acquisition cybersecurity; tester finds issues remain

(Reuters) The U.S. Defense Department and General Services Administration on Wednesday mapped out six broad reforms to improve the cybersecurity of more than $500 billion in goods and services acquired by the U.S. federal government each year...1/29

State & Regional

Gun maker Beretta USA building new facility in Sumner Co.

(FOX) Italian gun maker Beretta is building a new manufacturing and research plant in Sumner County that will bring 300 jobs to the area...Franco Beretta says he was also impressed with Oak Ridge National Labs and hopes to partner in some research and development work...1/29

Meeting called for Tennessee nuclear violations

(WATE-TV) The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is meeting with the public on Feb. 5 to talk about safety violations found at the Watts Bar nuclear plant last year...1/30

energy & science policy

FY 2014 Budget Cycle Complete; FY 2015 Budget Cycle Ahead

(AIP) The FY 2014 budget cycle came to an end on January 17 when President Obama signed H.R. 3547, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014, providing $1.012 trillion dollars in funding for this year...1/29

State of the Union: Basic Research, Innovation, High-Tech Jobs, Climate Change, STEM Education

(AIP) Early in his State of the Union address last night, President Obama highlighted the importance of basic research to American competitiveness...1/29

science & technology

Monarch Numbers in Mexico Fall to Record Low

(Science Magazine) In winter, central Mexico’s highland forests should be pulsing with orange and black. Not this year. Monarch butterfly colonies now cover less than a single hectare of forest, the smallest swath of land since data collection began in 1993...1/29

Can Plastic Be Made Environmentally Friendly?

(Scientific American) Mark Herrema's road to making renewable plastics without oil wasn't easy. The 31-year-old Princeton graduate set aside his studies in politics and medical school plans to pursue his passion to make a plastic from methane, a colorless gas and a common byproduct on farms...1/29

Researchers identify chemical, physical traits of fallout

(PhysOrg) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers have begun to develop a technique that provides a practical approach for looking into the complex physical and chemical processes that occur during fallout formation following a nuclear detonation...1/30

Scientists use artificial nerve cells to classify different types of data

(Science Daily) Scientists in Germany are using artificial nerve cells to classify different types of data. These silicon 'neurons' could recognize handwritten numbers, or distinguish plant species based on their flowers...1/28

Other Stories

Do wellness programs really save companies money?

(Fortune) ...Since about 60% of U.S. companies now offer some kind of wellness initiative, up from just 36% in 2009, designing and running such programs has grown into a $6-billion-a-year industry, according to a new study from nonprofit think tank Rand Corp...1/29