Friday, January 31, 2014
ORNL in the News

Information International wins ORNL IT contract

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) A team headed by Oak Ridge-based Information International Associates (IIa) has won a contract to provide information technology support to Oak Ridge National Laboratory...1/30

Kelly Beierschmitt leaving ORNL for Idaho

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) Kelly Beierschmitt, one of the original members of the UT-Battelle leadership team that took over management of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2000, is leaving ORNL for a top position at Idaho National Laboratory...1/30

Super Bowl 48Seahawks, Broncos gear up for super 'green' bowl 

(NBC News) ..."Then, about 10 years ago, "someone came along and jokingly said 'if you guys are so green, why don't you do something about global warming?'" [Jack] Groh recalled. He took the challenge seriously and worked with experts with the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee to determine the Super Bowl's carbon footprint and devise ways to reduce it...1/30


New energy research lab coming to PNNL

(Nanowerk) Construction on a new energy research facility at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory campus will start this April. The project, valued at approximately $10 million, will build a facility that will house a broad variety of energy research and PNNL's campus sustainability program...1/29

Ability to transport U.S. oil, gas lags booming output: Energy Secretary

(Yahoo News) The energy boom of the last decade that has boosted oil and gas production in the United States has outpaced the development of critical infrastructure to transport the raw and refined materials, U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said on Thursday...1/30

East Tennessee

Snow storm cost Knox County thousands

(WVLT) Tuesday morning Knox County school buses slid off of the street. Cars were left abandoned outside neighborhoods. Cullen Jones said, "I don't think local emergency teams were prepared enough. I saw some people throwing sand and salt in the streets but it was too late."...1/30


TsarnaevUS prosecutors seek execution of marathon suspect

(AP) Federal prosecutors Thursday announced they will seek the death penalty against 20-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the Boston Marathon bombing, instantly raising the stakes in what could be one of the most wrenching trials the city has ever seen...1/30

State & Regional

Wine BottlesTenn. Senate passes supermarket wine bill 23-8

(WBIR) The state Senate has passed a bill to allow local governments to hold votes on whether to allow wine sales in supermarkets and convenience stores. The measure sponsored by Republican Sen. Bill Ketron of Murfreesboro was approved on a 23-8 vote after the companion bill was revived in the House this week...1/30

Outsiders, Not Auto Plant, Battle U.A.W. in Tennessee

(The New York Times) At the Volkswagen plant nestled in Tennessee’s rolling hills, a unionization drive has drawn national attention as business groups worry about organized labor’s efforts to gain its first foothold at a foreign-owned automobile plant in the South...1/29

energy & science policy

Science Committee Discusses Engaging Students and the Public in STEM

(AIP) The Committee on Science, Space, and Technology’s Subcommittee on Research and Technology held a January 9 hearing to discuss engaging students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields...1/29

science & technology

Climate study projects major changes in vegetation distribution by 2100

(Science Daily) Climate researchers have calculated that the spread of plant species in nearly half the world's land areas could be affected by predicted global warming by the end of the century...1/30

CeresWhy It Matters That There's So Much Water in the Asteroid Belt

(Popular Mechanics) Last week, scientists announced in a study in Nature that Ceres, a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt, is spewing water vapor out into space. In fact, this big ball of rock and ice might hold more water than Earth does...1/30

Cynomolgus MonkeysFirst monkeys with customized mutations born

(Nature News) The ultimate potential of precision gene-editing techniques is beginning to be realised. Today, researchers in China report the first monkeys engineered with targeted mutations, an achievement that could be a stepping stone to making more realistic research models of human diseases...1/30

A Brief History of Mind-Bending Ideas About Black Holes

(WIRED) Physicist Stephen Hawking made headlines recently by saying that black holes – the incredibly massive astronomical objects that made him famous – do not exist. Or they exist, but not how we think. Or something. The truth is complicated...1/29

Other Stories

Immigration Is the Only Reason the U.S. Doesn't Have an Aging Crisis

(The Atlantic) "Old Europe" was how Donald Rumsfeld referred to countries like France and Germany in the lead-up to the Iraq War. You know: Traditional, castle-studded, Medieval-Times-inspiring. Aged. "Vintage," if we're being nice. But actually, Europe is literally getting old...1/30

Out there

Rock on MarsScientist sues NASA over mysterious Mars rock

(Houston Chronicle) A California man who claims that a mysterious rock recently photographed on Mars is actually a growing organism has filed a lawsuit against NASA for failing to investigate the discovery...1/29