Wednesday, February 9, 2011
ORNL in the News

U.S. Uses Jaguar Supercomputer To Design Energy Efficient Big Rigs

(DOE Press Release) BMI Corporation, a company in South Carolina, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have successfully developed a technology that will make semi trucks more fuel efficient with the potential to save millions of gallons of fuel. Utilizing Jaguar, the nation's most powerful computer, BMI Corp designed a SmartTruck UnderTray System, a set of integrated aerodynamic fairings that improve the aerodynamics of 18-wheeler long-haul trucks....2/8

Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory

(PhysOrg) HYDROPOWER: Fishy behavior ...
BIOLOGY: Database a likely lifesaver ...
SENSORS: Setting standards ...
FUSION: Intense neutron detectives....2/8

DOE's ORNL launches one-stop shop biofuels website

(Ethanol Producer Magazine) The U.S. DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has launched a new interactive website meant to integrate a wide variety of data and resources related to bioenergy in an attempt to provide a holistic view of bioenergy and inspire collaboration among industry experts....2/8


U.S. Energy lab nabs 10-petaflop IBM supercomputer for future research

(Network World) The 10-petaflop IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer, known as "Mira", will be operational in the DoE's Argonne National Laboratory by 2012 and the lab said it anticipates the new supercomputer will be one of the fastest and most energy efficient supercomputers in the world thanks to a combination of new chip designs and efficient water cooling....2/8

DOE Releases New Analysis Showing Significant Advances in Electric Vehicle Deployment

(DOE Press Release) The U.S. Department of Energy today released One Million Electric Vehicles by 2015, an analysis of advances in electric vehicle deployment and progress to date in meeting President Obama's goal of putting one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015....2/8

Years after disposal, waste gets new scrutiny

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The U.S. Department of Energy has a special landfill on its Oak Ridge reservation that was set up specifically to receive hazardous and radioactive wastes generated during environmental cleanup activities. It also is approved for disposal of classified waste, which requires additional security....2/9


Protest in Egypt Takes a Turn as Workers Go on Strike

(New York Times) Protesters demanding the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak appeared on Wednesday to have recaptured the initiative in their battle with his government, demonstrating a new ability to mobilize thousands to take over streets of the capital beyond their headquarters at Tahrir Square and to call workers out on strike....2/9

Patriot Act extension fails in the House by seven votes

(Washington Post) House Republicans suffered an embarrassing setback Tuesday when they fell seven votes short of extending provisions of the Patriot Act, a vote that served as the first small uprising of the party's tea-party bloc....2/9 [Registration Required]

energy & science policy

Inside Energy Extra

2/8 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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** McConnell may use review law against EPA
** EPA oversight aids economy: Jackson
** DOE boasts EV market potential
** New appliance rules bolster DOE clout
** Senators hit NRC over license renewals

science & technology

Vanderbilt's role in largest digital sky image

(Vanderbilt University) Imagine a picture of the sky so big that it would take 500,000 high-definition TVs to view it at full resolution. The Sloan Digital Sky Survey-III collaboration, which includes Vanderbilt University, is making just such an image available to the public....2/8

A Frog Evolved to Regain the Teeth Its Ancestors Jettisoned

(New York Times) Frogs lost teeth in the lower jaw at least 200 million years ago, but lower teeth reappeared in a marsupial tree frog species about 20 million years ago....2/8

IceCube opens up a window on energy in the universe

(Washington Post) The world's newest astronomical observatory is defined by a field of 86 colored flags rippling across an ice-covered polar landscape. Each banner marks a line of glass-covered orbs that stretches down a mile and a half into the ice, like beads on a frozen string....2/7 [Registration Required]

Is severe winter weather related to global warming?

(Washington Post) Although the link is far from definitive -- two years of lousy weather don't make much of a trend -- the meteorological dots are beginning to line up....2/7 [Registration Required]

Language Essential For Understanding Large Numbers

(NPR) A study of people in Nicaragua has concluded that humans need language in order to understand large numbers....2/9

Other Stories

Asia and cyberattacks headline list of growing threats to US, military says

(Christian Science Monitor) In the first revision of its National Military Strategy since 2004, the US military also hints at the wear and tear on American servicemen and women after 10 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan....2/8