Monday, February 9, 2015
ORNL in the News

TED Talks return to UT campus

(The Daily Beacon) ...This semester, TEDxUTK is scheduled to take place Saturday, Feb. 21. The line-up of speakers includes, among others, Lonnie Love, Andrew Messing and Alex Roschli discussing 3D printing, Erin and Robert Darby presenting on religious studies; Bryan Baker discussing letterpress printmaking and Jack Viorel on special needs surfing...2/9

SRNL researchers develop new tech for nuclear detection

(The Times and Democrat) A new device created by researchers at the Savannah River National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory is able to immediately collect airborne particles to help determine if radioactive isotopes are present. This device could prove to be a valuable asset to organizations responsible for monitoring nuclear activities worldwide. ..2/8

Science and Technology

Bigger is not better when it comes to lab size

(Nature News) To publish the most papers, labs should ideally have 10 to 15 members, according to a much-discussed study in PeerJ PrePrints. Adding more and more graduate students and postdocs beyond that number does not guarantee a continued rise in high-impact papers, the study found, partly because the extra workers tend to be much less productive than the principal investigator (PI)...2/5

NoVa detectorPhysicists working to understand how and why matter came about

(Science Daily) Physicists are engaged in a series of neutrino experiments, called NOvA, now under way at Fermilab to help answer how and why matter came about...2/6

Energy and Science Policy

FY 2016 Budget Request: STEM Education

(AIP) The Administration’s FY 2016 request for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is based on recommendations from several reports from the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology in addition to the 2013 Federal STEM Education Five Year Strategic Plan...2/6

NIH proposal to create grant for aging scientists hits a nerve

(Science Magazine) A seemingly innocuous idea from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for nudging aging scientists to retire is being blasted in the blogosphere. NIH’s proposal—an “emeritus” award that senior scientists would use to pass their work on to younger colleagues and wind down their labs—is unnecessary and could take funding away from younger and midcareer scientists, many commenters argued....2/6


Top Officials from EPA, DOE, and Electric Power to Speak at EUEC 2015

(Virtual-Strategy Magazine) 1,900 attendees and 450 speakers are pre-registered for EUEC 2015, the 18th annual meeting of energy, utility and environmental professionals in San Diego, California, from February 16-18, 2015.

Companies to shut down FutureGen project after Energy Department withdraws $1 billion in funds

(Minneapolis Star Tribune) Coal companies working with the government on the long-planned $1.65 billion FutureGen clean-coal project said Tuesday they have no choice but to shut it down after the Department of Energy suspended the majority of its funding...2/3

Local and State

Haslam: Gas tax proposal won't be ready until next year

(WBIR)...Haslam told publishers and editors at a Tennessee Press Association luncheon on Thursday that the best that could be hoped for this legislative session would be "a Band-Aid on the funding side" that wouldn't address fundamental shortages in the way the state pays for road building and maintenance...2/6

Watts Bar Nuclear PlantTVA says tritium releases rise within Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

(Chattanooga Times Free Press) TVA's production of a key nuclear weapons component at its Watts Bar Nuclear Plant is expected to boost tritium levels within the plant above its prescribed limits this year even before the utility decides whether to more than double its production of the radioactive material...2/7

Lamar Alexander urges more nuclear power production, research

(The Tennessean) Nuclear power would gain a more prominent role in the nation's energy policy under an agenda announced Thursday by Sen. Lamar Alexander, new chairman of the Senate panel that directs government spending on energy projects...2/6