Wednesday, February 12, 2014
ORNL in the News

Advancing Applications Toward Exascale Target

(HPC Wire) Exascale computers will employ tens of thousands of many-core nodes, leaving programmers with the challenging task of developing applications that can leverage tens of millions of threads...he project relies on large Cray supercomputers installed at CRESTA partner sites in Europe the United States, including the 20-petaflop (peak) Cray XK7 Titan supercomputer, located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory...2/11

WindmillUS pinpoints 47,000 turbine sites

(ReNews) ...The map, which includes turbines installed as of July 2013, was created by combining publicly available data from the Federal Aviation Administration, the US Energy Information Administration, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, other federal, state and local sources as well as additional previously un-mapped turbines...2/11


Heading toward GAO ruling on Y-12/Pantex protest

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) Federal and contractor officials last week huddled in Washington, D.C., for a three-day hearing hosted by the U.S. Government Accountability Office...2/11

State & Regional

Tenn. lawmakers issue incentive threat in VW union move

(USA Today) The crusade by anti-union forces in Tennessee, including the state's governor and senior senator, is as much a fight with Volkswagen management as with the UAW...2/11

Gov. Haslam sticks to Common Core

(The Tennessean) His state is surrounded by Republican governors who have grown hesitant of Common Core — either outright condemning the new education standards or at least wavering in support...2/12


Yellen sees better economy, less money printing

(CNBC) Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen promised on Tuesday a steady and consistent course forward, with less money printing but continued low rates...2/11

car in snow'Mind-Boggling,' Historic Ice Storm Headed For Deep South

(NPR) This is not our language. It comes from the forecasters at the National Weather Service, who we have to hope do not say things such as this unless they really mean it: "Mind-boggling if not historical ice accumulations" are expected Wednesday and Thursday across a wide swath of the Deep South...2/11

East Tennessee

Knoxville cutting emissions, saving money

(WBIR) Knoxville says it's saving money by cutting emissions. City leaders updated their energy and sustainability initiative Tuesday, which is now in its seventh year...2/11

energy & science policy

Propane Shortages Underscore All-Of-The-Above Energy Strategy

(Forbes) Federal efforts are underway to increase the amount of propane flowing into desperate regions of the country. The liquid petroleum, which is used to heat the homes of millions of Americans living in rural areas, is a rare commodity nowadays that is going for a premium...2/11

science & technology

Oldest FootprintsEurope's oldest footprints uncovered on English coast

(Science Daily) The earliest human footprints outside of Africa have been uncovered, on the English coast, by a team of scientists led by Queen Mary University of London, the British Museum and the Natural History Museum...2/11

Palm TreesWhere Global Warming Went: Into the Pacific

(National Geographic) A lot of the energy from global warming has been hiding lately under the surface of the Pacific Ocean—and in the future it will come back out in a burst of heat, a new study concludes...2/11

Biodiversity in production forests can be improved without large costs

(PhysOrg) Forest management is based on recommendations that are supposed to maximize economic revenues. However, in 40% of cases a better economic result would be achieved by neglecting some of the recommendations. This would also greatly benefit biodiversity...2/11

What's The Environmental Cost Of The 2014 Winter Olympics?

(Popular Science) Athletic events are well underway at the 2014 Winter Olympics, which means that their environmental toll is halfway to forgotten. When world athletes gathered for the 2012 Summer Games, host city London won praise for many of its sustainability efforts, such as the remarkably light and flexible open-air central stadium...2/10

Other Stories

Blame The Boomers? What Our Parents Didn't Teach Us About Money And Why

(Forbes) Hey millennials, what didn't your parents teach you about money that you wish they had? Last month, I posed this question to FORBES' Twitter followers and my own. Diverse and poignant, the responses ranged from "how to make it" to "how and where to invest" to, simply, "everything."..2/12