Friday, February 18, 2011
ORNL in the News

For the car of the future: Less is more

(The Globe & Mail) A breakthrough at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee promises to reduce the cost of carbon fibre by up to 25 per cent. Researchers at the laboratory devised a way to manufacture carbon fibre using a process similar to the one used to make knitting yarn...2/17

New UT/ORNL center: taking on world's energy problems and translating intellectual capital into economic investment

(UT Daily Beacon) [Please scroll down] UT, in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is launching an academic unit that seeks to transform the energy industry in our country and the world, as well as the state and local economies. The UTK/ORNL Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Education, or CIRE, will train scientists to take on the world's most challenging energy problems...2/18


Department of Energy Establishes Asset Revitalization Task Force

(DOE Press Release) Secretary of Energy Steven Chu today announced the establishment of a Task Force on Asset Revitalization to facilitate a discussion among the Department of Energy, communities around DOE sites, nonprofits, tribal governments, the private sector and other stakeholders to identify reuse approaches as environmental cleanup efforts reach completion....2/17

East Tennessee

Modular reactors get boost in D.C.

(Knoxville News Sentinel) [Opinion] The Obama administration is throwing its support behind modular nuclear reactors as one response to America's energy needs. That's a positive development for East Tennesseans, because the Tennessee Valley Authority is considering a proposal to build a modular nuclear power plant at the old Clinch River Breeder Reactor site in Oak Ridge....2/18


Bahrain Turmoil Poses Fresh Test for White House

(New York Times) On Friday, mourners chanted anti-government slogans at funerals for demonstrators who were killed in Thursday's clashes with police, as Bahrain emerged as a possible Egypt in miniature for the Obama administration....2/18

State & Regional

Haslam seeks tougher teacher tenure, more TN charter schools

(Tennessean) Teachers would have to wait at least two more years for tenure, and the statewide cap on the number of charter schools would be removed, under a proposal introduced Thursday by Gov. Bill Haslam....2/18

energy & science policy

Funding cuts threaten nuclear modernization

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The consensus of support for modernizing the U.S. nuclear weapons complex, a hugely expensive endeavor that includes a new multibillion-dollar project at Y-12 in Oak Ridge, has been described as fragile....2/17

TVA's Green Power Switch?

(Metro Pulse) After decades of animosity, the federal power company and its environmental critics find some accord on clean energy....2/16

Sustaining the Commitment: FY 2012 Request Keeps Budget Doubling on Track for NSF, DOE Science, and NIST Research

(AIP Bulletin) The FY 2012 budget request that President Obama sent to Congress sustains his commitment to keep the budgets of the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy's Office of Science, and the laboratory programs of the National Institute of Science and Technology on a doubling trajectory....2/18

science & technology

Bear hibernation study finds surprises in search for clues to help human health

(Washington Post) [Video] In the woods of Alaska, five black bears snooze all winter while researchers record every detail for the first time, offering an unprecedented glimpse into the secrets of hibernation....2/18 [Registration Required]

Physicists Build World's First Antilaser

(Wired) Less than a year after it was first suggested, the world's first antilaser is here. A team of physicists have built a contraption that, instead of flashing bright beams, utterly extinguishes specific wavelengths of light....2/17

Study of an ancient bacterial gene sheds light on movement of North American peoples

(PhysOrg) DNA from the stomach bacteria of a young man who died hundreds of years ago is shedding light on movement patterns of North American peoples and when they came in contact with Europeans....2/18

Regrowing Hair: Researchers May Have Accidentally Discovered a Solution

(Science Daily) A team led by researchers from UCLA and the Veterans Administration that was investigating how stress affects gastrointestinal function may have found a chemical compound that induces hair growth by blocking a stress-related hormone associated with hair loss....2/17