Monday, February 20, 2017
ORNL in the News

Unmanned DroneORNL releases guide for electric utilities looking to add drones

(UAS Magazine) Rick Lusk has created a best practices guide for utilizing unmanned aircraft systems from the insight of pilots and practitioners from all over the world. Lusk, the director of the unmanned aircraft systems center at Oak Ridge National Lab, produced his report for utility businesses, directors, managers and operators for use in their pre-planning or integration efforts of UAVs into day-to-day operations...2/16

PPPL-led fusion code selected for all 3 pre-exascale supercomputers

(EurakAlert/AAAS) U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) high-performance computer sites have selected a dynamic fusion code, led by physicist C.S. Chang of the DOE's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), for optimization on three powerful new supercomputers...Summit, to be operational at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2018...2/17

Science and Technology

ZealandiaGeologists Spy an Eighth Continent: Zealandia

(Scientific American) Beneath the waves in the southwest Pacific Ocean lies a mostly hidden realm—dubbed Zealandia—that deserves to be called a continent, geologists say. Geophysical data suggest that a region spanning 5 million square kilometres, which includes New Zealand and New Caledonia, is a single, intact piece of continental crust and is geologically separate from Australia...2/17

Science and Technology

Human CellThe race to map the human body — one cell at a time

(Nature News) The first time molecular biologist Greg Hannon flew through a tumour, he was astonished — and inspired. Using a virtual-reality model, Hannon and his colleagues at the University of Cambridge, UK, flew in and out of blood vessels, took stock of infiltrating immune cells and hatched an idea for an unprecedented tumour atlas...



Why Wind and Solar May Have to Fill In for America's Crumbling Hydro Infrastructure

( When politicians talk about "crumbling infrastructure," it's often hard to ascertain exactly what they're talking about. Is it bridges falling down, an excessive number of potholes, or maybe aging airports? It could mean any number of things depending on who's talking and who's listening...2/18

Search for dark matter enters new phase at Sanford Lab

(Black Hills Pioneer) The transition between two important research projects at the Sanford Underground Laboratory in Lead is underway. "It's taxing us human beings," said Senior Project Engineer David Taylor as he described the task of building and installing the infrastructure for the new LUX-ZEPLIN project, which will continue the search the mysterious substance called dark matter...2/18

Local and State

Show of support for AMSE planned for Saturday, Feb. 18

(Oak Ridge Today) A show of support and appreciation for the American Museum of Science and Energy is planned for Saturday, February 18, an organizer said. "This is a gathering for appreciation and support for the museum and its role as a cornerstone and icon of our community," organizer David Hackett said in an email. "It is not a political rally or protest as such."...2/17


(Thinking Highways) Knoxville, Tennessee is poised to become America’s next testbed for autonomous and connected Vehicles. Mayor Madeline Rogero made the announcement after an initial meeting with a group of national transportation leaders. “We’re still very early in this, but we’re going to do our due diligence,” she said.

Oak Ridge High School team advances to National Science Bowl

(Oak Ridge Today) After months of dogged determination to expand their knowledge of math and science, hone their competition skills, and function as a seamless unit, 60 high school teams from across the state of Tennessee gathered this past weekend to challenge their knowledge in broad science disciplines including chemistry, biology, physics, and energy to compete in the U.S. Department of Energy annual Tennessee Science Bowl...2/19