Monday, February 20, 2011
ORNL in the News

Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley® Contributes to Space Shuttle Mission

(PR Newswire) ...ORNL researcher David Erickson leads a team that is well into a five-year contract with NASA to study carbon dioxide (CO2) and global conditions from space. In early 2013, NASA is scheduled to launch the OCO-2 satellite. That will enable Erickson and his colleagues at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland to make global measurements of atmospheric CO2. To analyze the data, the researchers will make use of ORNL's Jaguar computer, which is one of the fastest supercomputers in the world...2/18

Compare Cars' Fuel Economy

(Wall Street Journal) With gas prices rising, more consumers are looking to pick the most fuel-efficient new vehicle or find ways to save on the fuel costs for an existing ride...The data go back to 1984, which allows you to compare vehicles across years and models, says Bo Saulsbury, a researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which developed and maintains the website for the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency...2/20

Knox students build robots, aim for scholarships

( Students at Hardin Valley academy are in a competition that could lead to careers in high-tech jobs. Mentors from Oak Ridge National Lab are guiding them as they build robots and compete for college scholarships...2/19

Modular reactors get boost in D.C.

(Knoxville News Sentinel) [Editorial] The Obama administration is throwing its support behind modular nuclear reactors as one response to America's energy needs. That's a positive development for East Tennesseans, because the Tennessee Valley Authority is considering a proposal to build a modular nuclear power plant at the old Clinch River Breeder Reactor site in Oak Ridge...Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the primary customer for a plant at the Breeder site, needs large amounts of electricity. TVA needs to produce cleaner power. East Tennesseans need to breathe purer air...2/18

Forum will tout electric vehicles in Tennessee

(Commercial Appeal) The EV Project, managed by ECOtality, is working on establishing a network of 15,000 commercial and residential vehicle charging stations in 17 cities in six states....Project partners include Nissan North America, which is building the plug-in electric Leaf at its Smyrna plant, the state of Tennessee, TVA and Oak Ridge National Laboratory...2/19


Congress should find funding for ET projects

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The current zeal for cutting the federal budget could wind up hurting East Tennessee and the nation's nuclear weapons and scientific infrastructure...Budget cuts also threaten research projects at Oak Ridge National Laboratory at a time when many are bemoaning the United States' lack of research investment in the sciences compared to China and other countries...2/20

Obama Puts $126 Million Toward Next-Generation Exascale Computer Research

(Popular Science) ...Under Obama's budget request, the Department of Energy would get $126 million for exascale development, with about $91 million going to DOE’s Office of Science and $36 million for the National Nuclear Security Administration, according to a breakdown by Computerworld. In 2011, the DOE had budgeted about $24 million for “extreme scale” computing, as opposed to exascale...2/18


U.S. ‘Gravely Concerned’ Over Violence in Libya

(NY Times) The Obama administration on Sunday condemned Libya’s use of lethal force against peaceful demonstrators, pointing to what it said were “multiple credible” reports that “hundreds of people” had been killed and injured in several days of unrest...2/10


East Tennessee

Oak Ridge filmmaker gets $150K oral history contract

(Oak Ridger) Local filmmaker Keith McDaniel has been awarded a $150,000 contract to record oral histories of 100 people who have played a key role in Oak Ridge history...2/17

TVA OKs uranium contracts

(Knoxville News Sentinel) TVA board members approved $750 million in contracts Friday for the processing and supply of uranium fuel for its fleet of nuclear plants and also approved $53 million for a gypsum dewatering facility at the Kingston Fossil Plant...2/19

energy & science policy

FY 2012 Request Keeps Budget Doubling on Track for NSF, DOE Science, and NIST Research

(AIP) The FY 2012 budget request that President Obama sent to Congress sustains his commitment to keep the budgets of the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, and the laboratory programs of the National Institute of Science and Technology on a doubling trajectory...2/19

FY 2012 STEM Education Budget Request

(AIP) There are over 100 federal science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education programs administered by a dozen different agencies. However, primary support for STEM education comes through the Department of Education and National Science Foundation (NSF)...2/18

FY 2012 National Science Foundation Budget Request

(AIP) National Science Foundation Director Subra Suresh’s opening remarks at Monday’s FY 2012 budget presentation provided the context for the 13.0 percent increase (as compared to FY 2010) the Administration has requested...2/18

Inside Energy Extra

2/18 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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- Senate energy leader Bingaman to retire
- Higher energy-saving standards sought
- Power plant CO2 emissions up nearly 6%

science & technology

The Outfall of a Helium-3 Crisis

(Discovery News) The United States is currently recovering from a helium isotope crisis that last year sent low-temperature physicists scrambling, sky-rocketed the cost of hospital MRI’s, and threw national security staff out on a search mission for alternate ways to detect dirty bombs...2/19

Scientist Finds Bottom Of Gulf Still Oily, Dead

(AP) Oil from the BP spill remains stuck on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, according to a top scientist's video and slides that she says demonstrate the oil isn't degrading as hoped and has decimated life on parts of the sea floor...2/20

Unexpectedly, Navy’s Superlaser Blasts Away a Record

(Wired Science) ...The free-electron laser is one of the Navy’s highest-priority weapons programs, and it’s not hard to see why. “We’re fast approaching the limits of our ability to hit maneuvering pieces of metal in the sky with other maneuvering pieces of metal,” says Rear Adm. Nevin Carr, the Navy’s chief of research...2/19

Other Stories

Bahrain protesters took back Pearl Square. What next?

(CS Monitor) As angry young protesters continue to call for regime change from Pearl Square in the center of Bahrain's capital, Manama, opposition leaders met Sunday to discuss which demands they want to press in coming days...2/10