Thursday, February 25, 2016
ORNL in the News

NDT trains at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

( A nuclear disablement team from the 20th Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives (CBRNE) Command conducted training at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...2/21

2D Semiconductors Preserve Excitons, Explored for Integrated Nanophotonics

(Photonics) ...The team obtained two types of semiconducting crystals, tungsten diselenide (WSe2) and molybdenum diselenide (MoSe2), from collaborators at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. They used facilities developed in-house to precisely arrange two layers, one derived from each crystal in a process that took a few years to develop...2/24

Better membranes, better roofing

(Building Design + Construction) ...One seminal multi-year study by André Desjarlais of the U.S. Energy Department’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and SPRI compared the energy-efficiency benefits of ballasted roofs with products officially rated as “cool roofs”...2/24

Science and Technology

Landmark experiment confirms ocean acidification’s toll on Great Barrier Reef

(Nature) Scientists have provided the first experimental evidence that rising carbon dioxide emissions are harming coral reefs in the wild...2/124

US government to stock Israeli bio-tech cure for lethal radiation in 2017

(The Jerusalem Post)  An Israeli biotech company has developed an anti-radiation therapy that the US government will likely begin stocking next year, and which is able to cure nearly all patients exposed to nonconventional radiological incidents such as “dirty” bombs, or attacks on nuclear power plants...2/22

Energy and Science Policy

House Passes Scientific Research in the National Interest Act

(AIP) The House voted mostly along party lines to approve a bill sponsored by House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith that aims to bring National Science Foundation research in line with the “national interest,” but the bill faces strong opposition from the White House and many House Democrats...2/24



UT study touts economic impacts of DOE cleanup

(Knoxville News Sentinel) A new economic impact study says the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge cleanup program was responsible for about 6,200 jobs — direct and indirect — in Fiscal Year 2014...2.24

Klotz: NNSA’s FY17 budget request includes funding to reduce risks at Y-12’s Alpha-5 and Beta-4 facilities

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The high cost and difficulty associated with demolishing and cleaning up old, excess facilities at Y-12 and other sites around the nuclear weapons complex is a big topic of concern, and NNSA Administrator Frank Klotz addressed it to some extent today in his testimony before a Senate panel....2/23

U.S. Department of Energy Launches $40 Million Effort to Improve Materials for Clean Energy Solutions

( The U.S. Department of Energy today announced the launch of its Energy Materials Network (EMN), a new National Laboratory-led initiative that will give American entrepreneurs and manufacturers a leg up in the global race for clean energy...2/24

Local and State

UT scientists revive microscopic life from frost

(The Daily Beacon) ...A collaborative team including Tatiana Vishnivetskaya, research associate for the Center for Environmental Biotechnology at UT, is working on a five-year study in Siberia to see whether or not any members of the microbial community that were initially trapped in permafrost can be revived...2/24