Friday, February 28, 2014
ORNL in the News

Central SolenoidORNL to Build World’s Largest Pulsed Electromagnet for ITER

(Daily Fusion) To initiate and maintain plasma current, the international ITER fusion reactor requires a giant solenoid—which will be the largest pulsed electromagnet ever built. The 1,000 metric ton solenoid located in the center of the ITER tokamak will have 5.5 gigajoules of stored energy and be about 18 meters, or 60 feet, tall...2/26

NanoribbonsCooking up new nanoribbons to make better white LEDs

(PhysOrg) As the world moves away from incandescent light bulbs, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are growing in popularity...Now scientists from Argonne National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the University of Georgia are developing new compounds to create nanoribbons that luminesce in different colors...2/28


NNSA to proceed with Y-12/Pantex contractor transition ‘as soon as possible’

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) In the wake of the Government Accountability Office denial of NP2′s protest on the Y-12/Pantex contract award, the NNSA said it plans to move forward with the transition to a new contractor at the two nuclear weapons sites as soon as possible...2/27

13 were exposed to radiation at US plant

(PhysOrg) Thirteen workers at a U.S. underground nuclear waste dump in New Mexico have tested positive for radiation exposure after a recent leak, raising questions about whether the facility's safety systems worked as well as officials have said...2/27

East Tennessee

No sign of expansion at plant where UAW dealt loss

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) Friday marks the end of the two-week period within which U.S. Sen. Bob Corker promised Volkswagen would announce another line at its factory in Tennessee if workers there rejected representation by the United Auto Workers union...2/28


Fed chief Yellen indicates stimulus cuts will continue

(The Los Angeles Times) The Federal Reserve is trying to figure out how much of the recent economic slowing was caused by the harsh winter weather, a determination that could prompt it to reconsider how fast it pulls back on its key economic stimulus...2/28

North Korea TestsN Korea tests missiles amid S Korea-US exercises

(BBC News) North Korea has fired four short-range missiles into the sea, South Korean defence ministry officials say, in a move widely seen as a response to South Korea's military exercises with the US...2/27

State & Regional

Amelia TN House approves "Amelia's Law," named for Maryville teen

(WBIR) House Bill 1759, also known as "Amelia's Law," would allow judges to order offenders and parolees to wear a "transdermal monitoring device," if alcohol or drugs were contributing factors in their crime. It's basically a device that can track alcohol or drug levels through a person's skin...2/27

energy & science policy

National policies advance as climate summit approaches

(Nature News) International climate talks may have stalled in recent years, but national legislative activity intended to curb greenhouse-gas emissions and better prepare citizens for global warming is on the rise...2/27

science & technology

Bering Land Bridge10,000 years on the Bering Land Bridge: Ancestors of Native Americans paused en route from Asia

(Science Daily) Genetic and environmental evidence indicates that after the ancestors of Native Americans left Asia, they spent 10,000 years on a land bridge that once linked Siberia and Alaska. Archaeological evidence is lacking because it drowned when sea levels rose...2/27

exoplanets"Motherlode" of Alien Worlds Unveiled by Space Telescope

(National Geographic) NASA astronomers nearly doubled the number of alien worlds known to humanity on Wednesday, reporting the discovery of 715 planets located in nearby solar systems. The discoveries bring the total number of known planets outside our solar system—so-called exoplanets—to roughly 1,700...2/27

Other Stories

Yahoo webcam images from millions of users intercepted by GCHQ

(Yahoo News) Britain's surveillance agency GCHQ, with aid from the US National Security Agency, intercepted and stored the webcam images of millions of internet users not suspected of wrongdoing, secret documents reveal...2/27

Beijing SmogChinese Scientist Likens Beijing's Smog Problem To "Nuclear Winter"

(Popular Science) A Chinese scientist said that the smog situation in the country is so bad that it resembles a "nuclear winter," preventing plants from producing energy from the sun's rays via photosynthesis, and presenting a possible disaster for the country's food supply...2/27

Out there

Polar BearExclusive: Inside Google's Quest To Bring Polar Bears To You

(Popular Science) Two hundred yards from the Churchill Airport in Manitoba, Canada, John Gunter pulls the van to the side of the road. There's one, he says, pointing across the snow-speckled tundra to a small white smudge...2/27