Monday, February 29, 2016
ORNL in the News

Water-cleaning chemical made 'on-demand' with new group of catalysts

(Terra Daily) A quick, cheap and highly efficient method for producing a water-purifying chemical has been developed by researchers at Cardiff University. The team, from the Cardiff Catalyst Institute, Lehigh University and the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA, have developed a new group of catalysts that can produce hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) on-demand...2/29

Future of ORNL’s reactor is complicated

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) The High Flux Isotope Reactor has operated since the 1960s at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and it’s considered one of ORNL’s most valuable assets, with plans to keep it running for decades to come...2/26

Car CongestionWill Autonomous Vehicles Increase Road Reliance?

(R&D Magazine) While the driverless future has been touted as way for humanity to combat roadway accidents and diminish energy expenditure and greenhouse gas emissions, a new study from University of Leeds, University of Washington, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory claims the actual impact may be both positive and negative due to how it will change humanity’s relationship with vehicles...2/26

Science and Technology

New MaterialPhysicist discovers new 2-D material that could upstage graphene

(Science Daily) A new one atom-thick flat material that could upstage the wonder material graphene and advance digital technology has been discovered by a physicist at the University of Kentucky working in collaboration with scientists from Daimler in Germany and the Institute for Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL) in Greece...2/29

Energy and Science Policy

House Science Committee Unveils Agenda and Priorities for 2016

(AIP) The priorities of the committee majority in 2016 include continued focus on transparency and accountability of federal research, directorate-level funding for the National Science Foundation, and sustained funding for NASA space missions...2/25

Advocating for Science on Capitol Hill

(BU Today) ...Now in its third year, the Making Our CASE: Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering program, organized by the Washington, D.C.–based nonprofit American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and held each year at a Washington hotel, offers graduate students in the sciences a chance to learn how to make Washington work for them....2/29


Y-12 finishes W69 warhead dismantlement work

(Oak Ridge Today) Dismantlement of W69 canned subassemblies has been completed at the Y-12 National Security Complex, officials said Friday. The W69 was the warhead for the short-range attack missile, or SRAM, and it was retired from the U.S. nuclear stockpile in 1992....2/26

U.S. studying sophisticated cyberattack on Ukraine power grid

(The Japan Times) A U.S. investigation found that a December hack on the Ukrainian power grid was coordinated and highly sophisticated. The report, released Thursday, offers a detailed look at one of the first cyberattacks to succeed in taking down part of a national power grid...2/27

Local and State

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Winter Activity Possibly Linked to Climate Change

(Tennessee Today) The early hatching of insect eggs from an invasive pest threatening millions of trees in the eastern United States may be linked to climate change, according to new findings from UT...Researchers Christy Leppanen and Daniel Simberloff recently found hemlock woolly adelgid eggs hatching in December—outside of their normal spring and summer life cycle....2/25

TDOT estimates I-75 closure could last for weeks

(WBIR) Campbell County) TDOT says drivers on I-75 should be prepared to use alternate routes for "weeks".  Officials say a "slope slide" is forcing closure in both directions of a section of Interstate 75 in Campbell County. TDOT spokesperson Mark Nagi says this is going to be a "long-term" closure. Nagi says crews will spend the weekend evaluating the slide...2/28

Tennessee bus driver wins Grammy

(WATE) For the children of a bus route in Wilson County, it is normal to hear their driver sing. However, the voice of Joe Thompson is worth a Grammy. Thompson is a member of The Fairfield Four, a gospel quartet...2/24