Friday, March 1, 2013
ORNL in the News

ORNL's six-year commitment to produce californium-252 at High Flux Isotope Reactor

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Oak Ridge National Laboratory today said it will carry out a new six-year commitment to produce californium-252, a unique radioisotope that is used broadly in industry for detection and analysis applications...2/28

Sequester scenarios: $100 million in funding cuts at ORNL, furloughs at Y-12

(Oak Ridge Today) ...The federal cuts could reduce lab funding by 5 percent to 8 percent, ORNL Director Thom Mason said. That could translate into $70 million to $100 million in funding cuts, depending upon how the reductions are allocated...2/28

Researchers Employ SANS to Study Effects of Ions Moving into Nanoscale Pores

( ...researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory have demonstrated that a technique known as small angle neutron scattering (SANS) can be used to study the effects of ions moving into nanoscale pores. Believed to be the first application of the SANS technique for studying ion surface adsorption in-situ...2/28


Energy Department and USDA Partner to Support Energy Efficiency in Rural Communities

( ...Today, the Departments of Agriculture and Energy announced a new collaboration -- the State Energy Extension Partnership -- to equip America’s farm families and rural small businesses with the efficiency tools, resources and training needed to reduce energy costs...2/28

Y-12's tentative plan is to spread out furlough days between April and October to minimize disruptions, impacts

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The tentative plan for dealing with sequestration cuts at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant is to spread out the furlough days -- as needed -- for non-essential employees between April 1 and October 1 to minimize work disruptions and ease the impact on workers and their families...2/28

State & Regional

Tennessee ranks among bottom in overall well-being

(WBIR-TV) Tennessee ranks among the bottom when it comes to overall well-being, according to the annual Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index released Wednesday...2/27


Congress Leaders to Meet With Obama as U.S. Cuts Begin

(Business Week) President Barack Obama’s meeting with congressional leaders today won’t yield a breakthrough to avert $85 billion in federal spending cuts set to start before midnight, members of both parties say...3/1

East Tennessee

Professors Create Code that Turns Large-Scale Data into Art

(Tennessee Today) How does a computer view the human world—say, the human genome or literary works such as Herman Melville’s Moby Dick? Two UT professors have provided some insight, thanks to a code they’ve created that allows the computer to transform large-scale data and information into digital images—compressed pictures composed of colorful lines...2/28

energy & science policy

Energy policy shifting as abundance replaces scarcity: Obama adviser

(Reuters) As U.S. oil and natural gas production booms, the Obama administration's energy policy has been "fluid" by necessity to adapt to the huge economic opportunities and climate challenges posed by growth, the top White House energy and climate adviser said..2/27

science & technology

How a Robot Is Changing the Game of Antarctic Science

(Wired News) The trek across the Antarctic ice sheet is a long, hazardous, and costly journey for scientific researchers working in the world’s most remote location...2/28

Liquid storage could make hydrogen a feasible fuel

(Nature) A process for extracting hydrogen from a liquid fuel could remove one of the biggest hurdles to a 'hydrogen economy', its discoverers say. They have developed a catalyst that harvests the gas from methanol, a liquid fuel that — unlike hydrogen itself — can be easily transported and stored...2/27

Physicists Demonstrate the Acceleration of Electrons by a Laser in a Vacuum

(PhysOrg) Accelerating a free electron with a laser has been a longtime goal of solid-state physicists. David Cline, a distinguished professor in the UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Xiaoping Ding, an assistant researcher at UCLA, have conducted research at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York and have established that an electron beam can be accelerated by a laser in free space...2/27

Study of Ice Age Bolsters Carbon and Warming Link

(NY Times) A meticulous new analysis of Antarctic ice suggests that the sharp warming that ended the last ice age occurred in lock step with increases of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the latest of many indications that the gas is a powerful influence on the earth’s climate...2/28

Houston's Plan to Make Landfills Extinct

(Scientific American) To increase the city's dismal recycling rates, the city government is trying something else: One Bin For All. It will collect all trash together in one bin and then converting it to biofuel...2/28

Other Stories

Circling the wagons? Putin urges 'drastic upgrade' to Russia's military

(CS Monitor) Experts say that Putin's message was meant to play well to Russian generals who have resented the dramatic reforms of recent years...2/28