Monday, March 3, 2014
ORNL in the News

Alan IcenhourIcenhour to lead ORNL’s Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate

(Oak Ridge Today) Alan Icenhour has been named associate laboratory director for nuclear science and engineering at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Icenhour will oversee ORNL’s contributions to isotope production, nuclear security and fission, and fusion research and technologies...3/1

500X Faster -- New Ultra-fast 3D Printer In Works

(Forbes) ...The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has asked machine tool manufacturer Cincinnati Incorporated to help increase the speed and print size of 3D printing — 200 to 500 times faster and 10 times the size...2/28


A look back at the Manhattan Project

(WBIR) Recently the Farragut Folklife Museum has become home to many items with an enriched history. "It's recognized by historians and journalists to be the most significant project or activity of the last century and here it was centered right here in East Tennessee," said Steve Stow, who volunteers at the museum...2/28

Green CoinAfter a Hiatus, DOE's Clean Energy Loan Program Will Soon Be Back in Action

(The Energy Collective) The Department of Energy is targeting from $1.5 billion to as much as $4 billion for a new renewable energy project loan guarantee program, one that could open the door to solicitations for a range of smaller-scale, distributed and grid-integrated projects by the end of this year...3/2


SergeyevUkraine UN envoy asks Security Council to stop Russia's 'aggression'

(FoxNews) Ukraine's ambassador to the United Nations asked the Security Council to "do everything possible" to stop Russian "aggression" as the U.N.'s most powerful body met in an emergency session Saturday while Russian troops moved into the Crimean Peninsula...3/2

Big or small, spending-cut efforts hit roadblocks

(AP) The budget gurus in Congress have failed for years to find a grand bargain to reduce the government's long-term debt, so this year they decided to go small. Just 1 percentage point would be shaved from the annual cost-of-living increase in military pensions for veterans under age 62...3/3

State & Regional

New bill cracks down on phone calls for drivers

(WSMV) State Rep. Jim Coley and others are pushing a bill that would force drivers to put down their cell phones. Drivers would be allowed to use hands-free devices, but the days of driving and holding a phone to talk would be over...2/28

energy & science policy

Oil RigUS East Coast Oil & Gas Exploration Could Start in 'Coming Months'

(The Energy Collective) The US Department of Interior released today an Environmental Impact Statement regarding US East Coast offshore seismic surveys, which constitute early-stage oil & gas exploration. The east coast has been off limits to oil companies for 30 years, but a favorable EIS could presage permitting activity...2/28

Germany must scrap its green energy law, say experts

(Reuters) A commission of experts appointed by the German parliament has recommended Chancellor Angela Merkel's government to abolish all subsidies for green energy, highlighting mounting opposition to plans to reform instead of scrap the system...2/26

science & technology

How Earth was watered

(PhysOrg) Early Earth's accidental deluge via water-carrying comets has long been a stumbling block for those interested in life on other planets. Scientists agree that life needs water to evolve. But if water only arrives through chance impacts with comets, then life elsewhere might indeed be rare...2/28

Food production in the northeastern US may need to change if climate does

(EureAlert) If significant climate change occurs in the United States it may be necessary to change where certain foods are produced in order to meet consumer demand...2/28

Quantum EntanglementWeird 'Entangled' Light Gives Microscope Sharper Images

(LiveScience) The first microscope that uses the eerie trick of quantum entanglement to increase its sensitivity has been developed by Japanese researchers...3/3

Other Stories

After Taxpayer-Funded Flops, Tesla's 'Dangerously Ambitious' Gigafactory Could Save U.S. Battery Business

(Forbes) It wasn’t too long ago that the Obama Administration was handing out money by the fistful to anyone who wanted to get into the advanced battery business...2/28

Student Loans Are Ruining Your Life. Now They’re Ruining the Economy Too

(Time Magazine) Chris Rong did everything right. A 23-year-old dentistry student in New York City, Rong excelled at one of the country’s top high schools, breezed through college and is now studying dentistry at one of the best dental schools in the nation...2/26