Monday, March 4, 2013
ORNL in the News

ORNL reductions could be $70M-$100M+

(Knoxville news Sentinel) There are still many uncertainties regarding the impact of sequestration and future federal spending for the rest of 2013 and beyond, but some things can be gauged (estimated) if the across-the-board cuts take place as previously designated...3/2

ORNL reactor in midst of 3-month shutdown for major maintenance; restart set for May 7

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The High Flux Isotope Reactor is out of operation until May 7 for its annual spring maintenance outage, although this one is double the length of last year's with many rehab projects in the works...3/2



What Deputy Secretary Poneman said

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Near the end of last week, as sequestration approached reality, Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Poneman issued another statement to DOE employees about potential impacts...3/3


Child born with HIV is 'functionally cured'

(LA Times) For the first time, doctors are reporting that a child born with HIV and put on an unusually aggressive treatment regimen has been functionally cured of the infection...3/3

President Obama To Nominate New EPA, Budget And Energy Heads

(NPR) President Obama plans to announce three cabinet-level nominations Monday, including a new administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, who could be on the hotseat in the looming battle over global warming...3/4



East Tennessee

Child advocacy organization's Knoxville headquarters to be named after $1M donor

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The National Association to Protect Children has received a $1 million grant from a Los Angeles-based philanthropist, and Monday plans to honor her by naming their research and development center for child rescue technology after her...Much of the research and development is being conducted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists, a major reason why the national association moved its headquarters to Knoxville in 2008...3/3

Knoxville Library to help job seekers

(WATE) The Knoxville Public Library is helping out job seekers throughout the month of March. Each Monday in March, the library is offering free workshops for those looking for a job...3/3


energy & science policy

Few Low Grades at DOE Science Facilities as U.S. Prepares to Set Priorities

(AAAS) It's a Lake Wobegon world when it comes to some big science facilities funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE): They're all pretty much above average, a DOE advisory board said today...3/1

Study assesses Germany’s energy policy impact on angry neighbours

(Power Engineering International) Germany’s neighbours have become increasingly critical of the consequences of the energy transition, or energiewende, on both their national grids and utility performances...3/1

science & technology

Physics duo create first knotted vortex in a fluid

Fluid Vortex(Phys Org) Physicists William Irvine and Dustin Kleckner of the University of Chicago, have for the first time, created a knotted vortex in a fluid. They describe how they printed 3D airfoils and then accelerated them very quickly in a tank of bubble-filled water to accomplish this feat in their paper published in the journal Nature Physics...3/4

Unmasked, but Unfazed—Chinese Hacking Group Is Still Active

(MIT Technology Review) The computer hacking group accused last week of being part of a specific unit of the Chinese military is apparently unfazed by the public attention triggered by a detailed report on its activities published by the security firm Mandiant...3/1

EPA to test its hybrid gas-mileage evaluation

Hybrid Car(Tennessean) The Environmental Protection Agency has launched an evaluation of whether the ways it tests gas mileage give realistic window-sticker ratings for advanced hybrid cars. The probe centers on a generation of hybrids capable of highway speeds on electric power alone...3/4


Other Stories

Retired chimps may cost Emory millions

(Chattanooga Times Free Press) Emory University might have to spend tens of millions of dollars to renovate the home of its research chimpanzees — all for aging chimps it doesn’t necessarily need...3/4