Thursday, March 7, 2013
ORNL in the News

Titan repairs expected by April 6

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Jeff Nichols, Oak Ridge National Laboratory's associate lab director for scientific computing, today said the repairs to the Titan supercomputer should be completed by early April. "We are on track to have all the boards repaired and returned by April 6th," Nichols said via email response to questions. "We would plan to finish acceptance shortly thereafter."...3/6

Surface Extraction System is intended for mass spectrometry

( Based on continuous flow, in situ microextraction technique, flowprobe™ provides researchers with automated chemical analysis platform for mass spectrometric sample introduction...The flowprobe technology is based on a continuous flow, in situ microextraction technique invented in the laboratory of Dr. Gary Van Berkel of Oak Ridge National Laboratory...3/6

Upcoming: 'An Ecologist's Personal Perspective'

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Tony King, research staff member in Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Environmental Sciences Division, will be guest speaker at the March 12 lunch meeting of Friends of ORNL. The title of his talk will be, "Energy, Climate Change and Adaptation: An Ecologist's Personal Perspective."...3/6


Y-12 contract delay is like putting chaos on hold

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The transition of contractors at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant is on hold because of protests lodged against the government’s award of a new combined contract, which includes the management of the Pantex Plant in Texas as well as Y-12...3/6

Biomass analysis tool is faster, more precise

(PhysOrg) A screening tool from the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory eases and greatly quickens one of the thorniest tasks in the biofuels industry: determining cell wall chemistry to find plants with ideal genes...3/5

East Tennessee

Terrorism Expert Speaks on Campus

(Daily Beacon) The threat of terrorism continues to evolve in our changing world. Walter Purdy, director of the Terrorism Research Center in Washington, DC, will lead an interactive public presentation to explore terrorism in the 21st century...3/6


North Korea Warns of Pre-emptive Nuclear Attack

(NY Times) North Korea on Thursday threatened for the first time to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States and South Korea, issuing the warning as the United Nations was preparing tough new sanctions over its nuclear program...3/7

Flimsy cybersecurity for US military is 'magnet to US opponents'

(CS Monitor) A Pentagon study of cybervulnerabilities found that during war-game exercises, some adversaries were able to hack into US military networks with 'relative ease.' The study urges refocused intelligence work and improved cyberdefense...3/6


energy & science policy

Will Canada’s Proposed Tar Sands Oil Pipeline Muck Up Its Pacific Coast?

(Scientific American) As controversy continues around the Keystone XL Pipeline that would snake through the U.S., a similar drama plays out north of the border. Canadian officials are deciding whether to green-light a pipeline that would carry a semiliquid hydrocarbon mix for 1,172 kilometers from Alberta's tar sands over the Canadian Rockies to the Pacific coast of British Columbia...3/5

science & technology

Moore’s law is not just for computers

(Nature) Mathematical laws can predict industrial growth and productivity in many sectors...3/5

Ready for More 10,000 Cancer Genomes Projects?

(Science Magazine) Cancer researchers who have spent the last 7 years compiling a catalog of mutations in patients' tumors are now talking about what they should do next. This week, researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) unveiled a project on their wish list: a much broader survey of 10,000 tumors per cancer type that would aim to pin down very rare cancer genes...3/6

Analytical theory may bring improvements to lithium-ion batteries

(Perdue News) Researchers have shown theoretically how to control or eliminate the formation of "dendrites" that cause lithium-ion batteries to fail, an advance that if realized would improve safety and might enable the batteries to be charged within a matter of minutes instead of hours...3/5

New Smart Material Will Form Instant Casts For Accident Victims

(Popular Science) Paramedics may soon have a new instrument for their emergency first aid kits--a smart fabric that, when exposed to a vacuum, stiffens to create a plastic-like mold...3/6

Inequality quantified: Mind the gender gap

(Nature) Female scientists have made steady gains in recent decades but they face persistent career challenges. US universities and colleges employ far more male scientists than female ones and men earn significantly more in science occupations...3/6

Other Stories

Where Is the Worst Air in the World?

(Slate) Beijing gets a lot of attention for its pollution, but it’s nowhere near the top of the list...3/5