Thursday, March 9, 2017
ORNL in the News

Titan Supercomputer Assists With Polymer Nanocomposites Study

(HPC Wire) When a team led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory tried to verify that shrinking the nanoparticle size would adversely affect the mechanical properties of polymer nanocomposites, they got a big surprise...3/8


ORNL, UTHSC develop program that could prevent blindness from diabetes

(WVLT-TV) Oak Ridge scientists said 29 million people suffer from diabetes, but half of them don't get eye exams to test for potential blindness from the disease...Ken Tobin, the Director for Reactors and Nuclear Systems Division at Oak Ridge National Lab said, "If you catch blindness early, you can save sight in your eyes for a longer period of time than if you wait for the symptoms."...3/7

Study examines tungsten in extreme environments to improve fusion materials

(PhysOrg) ..."We're trying to determine the fundamental behavior of plasma-facing materials with the goal of better understanding degradation mechanisms so we can engineer robust, new materials," said materials scientist Chad Parish of the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He is senior author of a study in the journal Scientific Reports that explored degradation of tungsten under reactor-relevant conditions...3/7

Climate Study Finds Human Fingerprint in Northern Hemisphere

(Newswise) New analysis uses detection and attribution methods to establish multiyear trends of vegetation growth in northern-extratropical latitudes...3/6

Science and Technology

Magnetic hard drives go atomic

(PhysOrg) Chop a magnet in two, and it becomes two smaller magnets. Slice again to make four. But the smaller magnets get, the more unstable they become; their magnetic fields tend to flip polarity from one moment to the next. Now, however, physicists have managed to create a stable magnet from a single atom...3/8

Energy and Science Policy

Hill braces for DOE cuts, looks to Mulvaney's record for clues

(E&E News) With rumors flying over major proposed spending cuts to nonmilitary federal programs, top senators said yesterday they've had no input from the Trump administration on what level of funding the White House will propose for the Energy Department in the fiscal 2018 budget to be released next week..3/8


Perry Confirmed as Energy Secretary, Says He Will Be ‘Powerful Advocate’ for DOE

(AIP) ...As secretary, Perry will now have responsibility over a $14.5 billion R&D portfolio, and will oversee the management of the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile and of DOE’s 17 national laboratories....3/7

Soaking Up an Oil Spill

( ...scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have invented a new foam, called Oleo Sponge, that addresses this problem. The material not only easily adsorbs oil from water, but is also reusable and can pull dispersed oil from the entire water column—not just the surface...3/7

Local and State

Best of Both Worlds

(Tennessee Today) ...You may not be familiar with metallic glasses because they’ve been around for only a few generations. But according to [Takeshi] Egami, a UT-ORNL Distinguished Scientist and professor of materials science and engineering, it’s only a matter of time until they are everywhere...n.d.

Tennessee leads the nation in outlook for job growth

(Times Free Press) Tennessee leads the nation in the prospects for small business job growth, according to a survey released Tuesday...3/8