Thursday, March 10, 2011
ORNL in the News

Is ORNL at a Tipping Point?

(Metro Pulse) The impending federal budget confrontation between the Obama administration and newly empowered congressional Republicans could represent a tipping point for Oak Ridge National Laboratory. If President Obama gains approval for the 12 percent increase to $29.5 billion that he has recommended for the Department of Energy in fiscal year 2012, it would mean additional funding for clean energy and other research initiatives in which ORNL is at the forefront...3/9

Oak Ridge safety manager visits Austin-East High School

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Joseph L. Weaver, program manager of the Safety Services Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, visited Austin-East High School Feb. 17 as part of the Vols4STEM program, a group that connects educators with STEM professionals...3/8

Organizations join CSU's solar center

(Coloradoan) PPG Industries and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee are joining CSU's solar and research development center to reduce Cadmium Telluride module costs by 17 percent or less than $1 per watt. The group has been awarded $3.1 million by the Department of Energy...3/10

More on ORNL's positive audit results

(Knoxville News Sentinel) According to ORNL spokesman Billy Stair, the Inspector General audit of Recovery Act-funded infrastructure projects included two at the Oak Ridge lab -- the new Chemical & Materials Sciences Building, which used about $60.5 million in ARRA funds, and work on the Melton Valley Maintenance Facility, which used about $10 million in ARRA funds...3/8


DOE Exploring Superconducting Magnet Scheme for Grid Energy Storage

(Popular Science) Throwing cost concerns and caution to the wind, the U.S. Department of Energy is getting behind a project that aims to prove that superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) can work at the grid level...3/9

Petascale computing for the weapons program

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The National Nuclear Security Administration today announced that Cielo, a petascale supercomputer housed at Los Alamos, has been approved for classified operations...3/8

State & Regional

Senate OKs measure to ban Tennessee income tax

(AP) A proposal that would amend the Tennessee Constitution to ban an income tax passed the Senate 28-5...3/9


What happens if Congress doesn't rein in national debt?

(CS Monitor) With the national debt at 90% of gross domestic product, the US could face a crisis if creditors raise interest rates, experts say...3/8

Senate Passes Patent System Overhaul

(Wall Street Journal) The Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation Tuesday to overhaul the U.S. patent system, reviving a long-stalled effort and raising industry hopes that the biggest changes to patent laws in almost six decades could soon be enacted...3/9

East Tennessee

UT plan saves Russian, Italian language majors

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Nearly a year after receiving a proposal to end the Russian and Italian degree programs, University of Tennessee officials said it has devised a new plan to allow them to continue to offer the majors...3/9

energy & science policy

House Considers Science-Related Amendments to FY 2011 Funding Measure

(AIP) During last month’s floor consideration by the House of Representatives of H.R. 1, the FY 2011 Continuing Resolution, dozens of amendments were filed that would have profoundly impacted science funding beyond the cuts already included in the baseline bill...3/9

House Science Committee Looks Ahead

(AIP) Last month the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee approved an oversight plan that will guide its activities in 2011 and 2012...3/9

Science agencies must bite innovation bullet

(Nature News) Before research can rebuild the US economy it must learn from the prosperous heyday of the military–industrial complex...[Editorial]...3/9

Wind Energy’s Overblown Prospects

(Forbes) ...Many green energy advocates have exaggerated the capacity of wind power to make a significant impact on U.S. electrical needs...[Editorial]...3/8

Inside Energy Extra

3/9 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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- Oil CEOs to meet on safety institute
- Senators propose gulf lease extensions
- Senate kills dueling spending bills
- DOE sees second suit over nuclear fee
- Bid made to ease 'boutique-fuel' rules

science & technology

Top 100 Women: Science and Medicine

(Guardian UK) In honor of International Women's Day, the Guardian features the world's 100 most inspirational women. Seven of them work in science and medicine, including Fabiola Gianotti at the Large Hadron Collider...3/9

Largest Undersea Cable Ever Could Export Iceland's Abundant Geothermal Power to the Rest of Europe

(Popular Science) Hoping to take advantage of its violent volcanic heritage, Iceland is contemplating building the world’s biggest undersea electric cable, so it can sell geothermal power to other European nations. If it works, it could export enough electricity to power 1.25 million homes...3/9

Conventional gas-powered cars starting to match hybrids in fuel efficiency

(Washington Post) The new Chevrolet Cruze Eco can reach eye-popping fuel economy levels of more than 50 miles per gallon on the highway, which even in this era of hybrid-electric car achievements stands among the best...3/9

Other Stories

More Foreign-Born Scholars Lead U.S. Universities

(NY Times) When Molly Easo Smith delivered her inaugural address as president of Manhattanville College last spring, she opened with an unusual line: “Welcome, namaste, vannakkam, namaskaaram, bienvenidos and welcome"...3/9