Monday, March 13, 2017
ORNL in the News

FRED database gathers root traits to advance understanding of belowground plant ecology

(Science Daily) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) scientists have released a new global, centralized database of plant root traits, or identifying characteristics, that can advance our understanding of how the hidden structure of plants belowground may interact with and relate to life aboveground...3/9

Project AME: Worlds First 3D Printed Excavator Unveiled

(Press Release Point) ...Project AME was developed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility in Knoxville, Tennessee to create and assemble three components: the cab where the operator sits, the boom (a large hydraulically articulated arm) and a heat exchanger...3/9

Conformal CoolingORNL, HTS International to collaborate on manufacturing research; conformal cooling

(Green Car Congress) HTS International Corporation and the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have signed an agreement to explore potential collaborations in advanced manufacturing research such as in conformal cooling...3/11

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Selects Esri to Improve Access for Federal Users

(Business Wire) Esri, a global leader in spatial analytics, announced today that it will sign an enterprise agreement with the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). This agreement gives ORNL access to the full set of spatial analysis tools in the ArcGIS platform...3/9

Science and Technology

Time CrystalsResearchers create 'time crystals' envisioned by Princeton scientists

(PhysOrg) Time crystals may sound like something from science fiction, having more to do with time travel or Dr. Who. These strange materials—in which atoms and molecules are arranged across space and time—are in fact quite real, and are opening up entirely new ways to think about the nature of matter...

Energy and Science Policy

Both Parties Pushing Legislation in the Name of Scientific Integrity and Transparency

(AIP) Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers are invoking the cause of scientific integrity and transparency to advance certain legislative proposals. The Democratic bills would codify standards of conduct and protections for federal scientists, while the Republican bills would reform the use of science in the federal rulemaking process...3/10



Argonne Oil SpongeArgonne invents reusable sponge that soaks up oil

(EurekAlert/AAAS) When the Deepwater Horizon drilling pipe blew out seven years ago, beginning the worst oil spill in U.S. history, those in charge of the recovery discovered a new wrinkle: the millions of gallons of oil bubbling from the sea floor weren't all collecting on the surface where it could be skimmed or burned. Some of it was forming a plume and drifting through the ocean under the surface...3/7

Local and State

Tennessee State Parks offering free guided spring hikes

(News Channel 9) Tennessee's state parks are offering free guided hikes to celebrate the coming of Spring next Saturday. All 56 state parks will be hosting free hikes on March 18th. The hikes will be guided by park staff. They range in distance, degree of skill, accessibility and time of day. Activities planned along the trails will include wildlife viewing, spring cleanups, scavenger hunts and more...3/11

2D-Quantum MatterUT Physicists Succeed in Manipulating Electronic Behavior of Two-Dimensional Quantum Matter

(Tennessee Today) UT researchers have succeeded in manipulating the electronic behavior of a sheet material the thickness of a single atom layer without compromising its chemical composition or structural integrity...3/10

UT Physicists Have Developed Calculations to Speed Up Quantum Computing

(Tennessee Today) Online recommendations from Netflix. The biometrics registered by a wearable device. Applications like these are possible through machine learning, a subfield of computer science that Physics Professor George Siopsis and his colleagues have delved into on a quantum level...3/10