Wednesday, March 14, 2012
ORNL in the News

DataDirect Networks (DDN), Worldwide Leader in Lustre(R) Storage Systems, Renews Support for OpenSFS Lustre Community

(Wall Street Journal Market Watch) DataDirect Networks (DDN), world leader in massively scalable storage, reaffirmed its leadership of the Lustre community today by announcing its continued support for Open Scalable File Systems, Inc. (OpenSFS)...Founded by Cray Inc., DataDirect Networks, Inc. (DDN), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), OpenSFS draws from combined funding to ensure substantial and sustained community benefit...3/13

Morgantown Bioscience Company Collaborates with Tennessee Lab

(WDTV) A Morgantown Bioanalytics company is announcing plans to collaborate with an out of state laboratory, in hopes of getting one step closer to finding a cure for life-threatening diseases...Protea Biosciences Group is sharing their latest research with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee...3/14

Jess GehinMini-nuclear reactors ... wave of the future

(Oak Ridger) Small nuclear reactors could be the way of the future to provide electricity in the United States and other countries around the world. Currently, 20 percent of the electricity in the U.S. comes from nuclear power, according to Jess Gehin, senior program manager in the Nuclear Technology Programs Office at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...3/14

Kurion: Systems Have Removed 70 Percent of Radioactivity at Fukushima

(SoCalTech) Irvine-based Kurion, the venture-backed developer of nuclear cleanup technology, reported progress of its cleanup efforts at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant today...Kurion was boosted from an obscure startup based on research from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, to a key part of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant cleanup efforts, after the devastating tsunami in Japan one year ago.


John EschenbergEschenberg to lead billion-dollar UPF initiative

(Oak Ridger) In early April, John Eschenberg will leave his current job as interim manager of the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge Office to lead the design and construction of the billion-dollar Uranium Processing Facility at the Y-12 National Security Complex...3/13

Bright AutomotiveSolyndra Is Blamed as Clean-Energy Loan Program Stalls

(New York Times) More than $16 billion in loans authorized five years ago by Congress to develop fuel-efficient vehicles has yet to be disbursed, with applicants for the money complaining that the Energy Department is crippling plans for greener cars and trucks at a time of rising gas prices...3/12


JobsLargest companies adding jobs, employees

(USA Today) Collectively the nation's biggest companies, including Caterpillar, Jabil Circuit and Qualcomm, added 4.2% more net jobs globally in 2011, based on S&P Capital IQ's analysis of the 437 companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 that reported employee statistics...3/13

State and Regional

Legislature votes to make lying about military service a crime

(Knoxville News Sentinel) False claims of military service could lead to a $500 fine or six months in jail under legislation sent to Gov. Bill Haslam for his signature by a Monday night state Senate vote...3/13

science & technology

MammothsForecasters look back in time

(Nature News) It is hard to imagine beaches in northern Greenland or driftwood washing up on islands of Canada’s Arctic archipelago, but both were a reality some 6,000 years ago. “At least seasonally, those areas must have been ice-free,” says Gavin Schmidt, a climate modeller at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York...3/13

IrrigationResearch Reveals Carbon Footprint Caused by China's Irrigation System

(Science Daily) China’s groundwater irrigation system is responsible for polluting the atmosphere with more than 30 million tonnes of CO2 per year – according to research from the University of East Anglia...3/13

DARPA Wants Swarms of Cheap, Disposable Satellites That Take Pictures on Demand

(Popular Science) Warfighters have plenty of eyes in the sky, with a massive drone fleet and a satellite network that can spot their locations on the ground. But satellites are only helpful when they’re overhead, and battlefield situations can’t wait for orbital physics...3/13

Other Stories

Encyclopedia BritannicaAfter 244 Years, Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops the Presses

(New York Times) After 244 years, the Encyclopaedia Britannica is going out of print. Those coolly authoritative, gold-lettered reference books that were once sold door-to-door by a fleet of traveling salesmen and displayed as proud fixtures in American homes will be discontinued, company executives said...3/13

Strong quake shakes northern Japan

(USA Today) A strong earthquake shook northern Japan on Wednesday evening, causing small tidal changes on its Pacific coastline but no damage or injury was reported...3/13