Friday, March 14, 2014
ORNL in the News

Dr. Robert Wagner Honored with the SAE International Leadership Citation

(PR Web) Dr. Robert Wagner, Director of the Fuels Engines and Emissions Research Center and Distinguished R&D Staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will be honored with the International Leadership Citation during the SAE 2014 World Congress...3/13

TTU's Ensor honored by DoE

(Cookeville Herald-Citizen) Dale Ensor, an emeritus chemistry professor at Tennessee Tech, was recently recognized for his work by the federal Department of Energy...Their work was part of a larger effort by scientists and engineers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Chemical Separations Group and other contractors to remove radioactive cesium from the Savannah River Site...3/13

From Ice Blocks to Compressors to Magnets: The Next Chapter in Home Refrigeration from GE

(The Wall Street Journal) For the past 100 years, the way your fridge preserved your food has been rooted in technology dating back to the mid-1800s, but that is about to change. GE researchers are developing the next leap in home refrigeration technology...In addition to the work GE Appliances' engineers are doing, GE Global Research and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) are also working on the development...3/13

Trivelpiece: Unique perspective on science education, DOE

(The Oak Ridger) Carolyn Krause provides a summary of Steve Stow's oral history interview with Alvin Trivelpiece when he was the director of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Get ready to learn a lot about the man who spent just a few years in Oak Ridge, but who brought a lot of experience to the job...3/12


Department of Energy inspector general to investigate firing of Hanford whistleblower

(Tri-City Herald) The U.S. Department of Energy has asked its Office of Inspector General to investigate the recent firing of Hanford whistleblower Donna Busche. Energy officials told a Senate committee on Tuesday that they were not asked to and did not approve the firing of Busche, who had raised safety concerns on the Hanford site...3/13

Red Team leader: ‘It’s been a really active interchange’

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) After three and a half days at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant getting a first-hand primer on the plant’s uranium operations and the aged facilities in which they take place, the Red Team apparently adjourned to Oak Ridge National Laboratory this afternoon..3/13

State & Regional

State economic official praises Tennessee performance

(Johnson City Press) Local government leaders and economic development officials got to hear the state’s good economic news during a business roundtable meeting at the Elizabethton Airport on Wednesday...3/12


Kerry: US, EU will react if Crimea annexed

(AP) Secretary of State John Kerry is warning Russia that it will face an immediate, "very serious series" of steps from the United States and Europe if it annexes Ukraine's strategic Crimea region...3/13

East Tennessee

Scholar's BowlOak Ridge Scholars' Bowl team ranks ninth in world

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) Oak Ridge Scholars' Bowl team ranks ninth in world A group of Oak Ridge High School students have received international attention, and it is not for athletics. Although these students are what their head coach Kenneth Senter calls the "Olympic athletes of the mind."...3/10

East TN reacts to vote to delay Common Core

(WBIR) Educators all across Tennessee are reacting to an attempt in the Statehouse Thursday to delay some of the standards tied to Common Core...3/13

energy & science policy

U.S. surprises oil market with sale from strategic reserve

(Chicago Tribune) The United States will hold the first test sale of crude from its emergency oil stockpile since 1990, offering a modest 5 million barrels in what some observers saw as a subtle message to Russia from the Obama administration...3/13

science & technology

Tropical GlacierUCLA study yields more accurate data on thousands of years of climate change

(PhysOrg) Using a cutting-edge research technique, UCLA researchers have reconstructed the temperature history of a region that plays a major role in determining climate around the world...3/13

ThaliumThe Key to the Next Energy Revolution?

(Science Magazine) Natural gas is great at heating our houses, but it’s not so good at fueling our cars—at least not yet. Researchers in the United States have discovered a new and more efficient method for converting the main components in natural gas into liquids that can be further refined into either common commodity chemicals or fuels...3/13

Memory imagesWhat happened when? How the brain stores memories by time

(Science Daily) New research shows that a part of the brain called the hippocampus stores memories by their "temporal context" -- what happened before, and what came after -- and not by content...3/13

Global seismic network takes to the seas

(Nature News) More than 25 years after its inception, there is hope that the Global Seismographic Network (GSN) will finally live up to its name. The network’s 150 or so seismic stations listen for signs of earthquakes and nuclear tests, and help geophysicists to image Earth’s interior, but their scope is limited: they are all located on land...3/12

Other Stories

E.P.A.’s Proposed Rules on Water Worry Farmers

(The New York Times) Water rarely flows in one of the streambeds — it really seems to be little more than a small ditch — that Dean Lemke points out to a visitor on his 800-acre farm in Dows, Iowa. "I wouldn't even call it a stream," he said. "There is only water flow in it when it rains."...3/12

One in five older Americans take medications that work against each other

(Science Daily) About three out of four older Americans have multiple chronic health conditions, and more than 20 percent of them are being treated with drugs that work at odds with each other -- the medication being used for one condition can actually make the other condition worse...3/13