Tuesday, March 20, 2012
ORNL in the News

Union workers to vote on contract extension at ORNL

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Hourly workers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory will vote Thursday on a possible three-year contract extension with UT-Battelle, the managing contractor at ORNL...3/19

Howard Baker Forum Announces New Website

(Wall Street Journal Market Watch) The Howard Baker Forum announced today the launch of a new website HPC for Energy: Advancing Energy Technologies Through High Performance Computing...HPC for Energy is an extension of the on-going program entitled the National Roadmap for Advancing Energy Technologies launched in May 2011 in Washington, D.C...Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the Science Coalition co-sponsored the event...3/19

Materials Research Society Announces 2012 MRS Fellows

(MRS) The Materials Research Society (MRS) will recognize the following 28 members (in alpha order) as Fellows of the Materials Research Society at the 2012 MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco...

  • Amit Goyal, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • George M. Pharr, University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory


GOP Says Energy Dept. Cut Corners to Lend Az. Solar Firm $1.6 Billion

(ABC News) House Republicans are preparing to grill Energy Secretary Steven Chu this week over $1.6 billion in loans to finance two massive solar energy projects planned for the desert Southwest, saying investigators have found evidence suggesting the administration cut corners in order to get the loans approved...3/19

State & Regional

TN science bill protects teachers who allow debate over evolution

(Tennessean) The Tennessee Senate approved a bill Monday that would encourage teachers and students to debate evolution in the classroom, setting aside complaints that the measure would drag the state back onto the battleground over the teaching of creationism....3/20

Tennessee getting 3 new STEM schools

(WVLT) Hamilton, Putnam and Sullivan counties will open new schools focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). State officials announced Monday they are Prescott South in Cookeville; Northeast STEM Platform School with East Tennessee State University as a partner; and a school yet to be named in Chattanooga...3/20


Stocks End Higher As Apple Tops 600 For First Time

(Investor's Business Daily) Stocks closed higher Monday as Apple (AAPL) ended above 600 for the first time after announcing it would pay a dividend. Meanwhile, parcel delivery service UPS (UPS) said it would pay $6.77 billion to buy TNT Express...3/20

Feds to investigate death of Florida teen

(USA Today) The growing national attention — and outcry — over the case of an unarmed black teen in Florida who was fatally shot by a neighborhood watch captain has culminated with the federal government's announcement that it will launch an investigation...3/20

energy & science policy

NSF Major Research Equipment and Facilities Management Discussed in House Science Committee Hearing

(AIP) Ensuring fiscal responsibility and accountability in the management and operation of National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction (MREFC) was the subject of a recent hearing in the House Science, Space and Technology’s Subcommittee on Research and Science Education...3/19

science & technology

Marco RuggieroInquiry launched over AIDS contrarian's teaching

(Nature News) The University of Florence has launched an inquiry into the teaching activities of an academic who assisted on a course that denies the causal link between HIV and AIDS, and supervised students with dissertations on the same topic...3/19

Catalyst Helps Store Hydrogen In Liquid Form for Simple, Safe Future Fuel Use

(Popular Science) A future powered by hydrogen fuel, whose only byproduct is water, has long been an eco-friendly dream too difficult to realize. Storing and transporting hydrogen can be difficult and dangerous, and hydrogen production methods can also produce unwanted carbon dioxide...3/19

Other Stories

Amerlia EarhartReports: New search planned for Amelia Earhart

(CNN) The search is on again for legendary aviator Amelia Earhart, this time with the backing of the U.S. State Department. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood are hosting an event called "Amelia Earhart: A Pacific Legacy" in Washington at 9 a.m. Tuesday...3/20

Mariana TrenchJames Cameron prepares for world's deepest dive

(TG Daily) Hollywood director James Cameron is on the point of attempting a dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench on the western Pacific - the deepest place on Earth. His team is waiting for clear weather and preparing for the seven-mile dive in Deepsea Challenge, a joint scientific project with the National Geographic Society and Rolex....3/20