Thursday, March 30, 2017
ORNL in the News

Scaling Deep Learning on an 18,000 GPU Supercomputer

(Global Big Data Conference) It is one thing to scale a neural network on a single GPU or even a single system with four or eight GPUs. But it is another thing entirely to push it across thousands of nodes. Most centers doing deep learning have relatively small GPU clusters for training and certainly nothing on the order of the Titan supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...5/29

IACMI, Local Motors partner on composites development and large-scale additive manufacturing

(Composites World) The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI, Knoxville, Tenn.) announces a new project with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Local Motors which will develop materials including reinforcements with advanced composites using large-scale additive manufacturing...3/30

Researchers shoot for success with simulations of laser pulse-material interactions

(Innovations Report) With the advent of laser technology in the 1960s, materials scientists gained a new tool to both study and modify materials. Today, lasers allow researchers to manipulate materials on atomic and subatomic levels, leading to new materials and a host of other applications...3/29

A seismic mapping milestone

(EurekAlert) ...Using advanced modeling and simulation, seismic data generated by earthquakes, and one of the world's fastest supercomputers, a team led by Jeroen Tromp of Princeton University is creating a detailed 3-D picture of Earth's interior...3/28

Science and Technology

Battle between quantum and thermodynamic laws heats up

(Nature) ...Many physicists hope that rebuilding thermodynamics from the laws of quantum mechanics will help to settle long-debated conundrums. There are practical implications, too. The field could help to resolve whether the concepts of heat and efficiency apply to tiny electronic components and even atom-sized machines...3/29

Energy and Science Policy

Senator Seeking Greater Transparency in Research Underpinning Regulations

(AIP) Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) has introduced a bill that would set standards for how federal agencies consider scientific findings when developing regulations. At a hearing he convened on the subject, he called for increased transparency and accessibility of scientific inputs to regulatory decisions...3/28


Secretary Perry Statement on Nevada, Yucca Visit

( ...“The President has requested $120 million in his FY18 budget to restart the licensing proceedings for Yucca Mountain. Today’s meeting with Gov. Sandoval was the first step in a process that will involve talking with many federal, state, local, and commercial stakeholders...3/27

Sen. Brown: Senate capital budget has $40M for Tri-City projects

(Tri-City Herald) ...Brown succeeded in adding a proposed investment of $8 million at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland to the Senate budget. The money would be used as leverage for a requested $89 million in federal funding for a new building...3/29

Local and State

Knox waste facility closed after toxic chemicals found

…Workers found PCBs — man-made chemicals once widely used in electronics — leaking from switch boxes and transformers in a pile of construction debris picked up by a crew on Wednesday, according to Public Works Director David Brace...3/29

Roane State staff encourages girls to pursue engineering

(Oak Ridge Today) Two Roane State staff members helped introduce more than 200 high school girls to the world of engineering during an event at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge...3/29

Saturday Morning Physics Highlights Star Dust and Atom Smashers

(Tennessee Today) ...Associate Professor and Associate Head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy Kate Jones will present “Stardust and Atom Smashers” Saturday, April 1, in this week’s installment of Saturday Morning Physics, a lecture series sponsored by UT’s Department of Physics and Astronomy...3/27