Thursday, March 31, 3016
ORNL in the News

SNS ready to go; research resumes tonight

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Following the successful change out of the target vessel, the Spallation Neutron Source is apparently ready to resume production of neutrons on a research-scale Wednesday evening. The SNS team has scurried to get things back in order following the March 22 failure of the previous vessel...3/30

Centrus Energy Secures New $32.3 Mln Contract for Uranium Centrifuge Work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

(Sonoran Weekly Review) Centrus Energy, a supplier of enriched uranium fuel for commercial nuclear plants, said Monday that it has signed a new U.S. Centrifuge Technology Advancement contract valued at $32.3 million with UT-Batelle, LLC, the operator of the U.S...3/28

Scientists have invented a new type of metal to make nuclear reactors stronger and safer

(Science alert) An international team of researchers has developed a new type of metal alloy that could make nuclear reactors safer and more stable in the long term. The new material is stronger and lasts longer than steel - the metal of choice for current nuclear reactors...3/25

Oak Ridge's Poletop Rescue and Fall Protection Training

(T&D World) ...A compact line crew maintains miles upon miles of overhead and underground lines at the U.S. Department of Energy’s largest energy and science laboratory—Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Up until eight years ago, five linemen serviced the entire laboratory, and ORNL contracted out the construction work to external construction crews...3/23

Science and Technology

Researchers reproduce mechanism of slow earthquakes

(PhysOrg) Up until now catching lightning in a bottle has been easier than reproducing a range of earthquakes in the laboratory, according to a team of seismologists who can now duplicate the range of fault slip modes found during earthquakes, quiet periods and slow earthquakes...3/31

Energy and Science Policy

House Budget Resolution Proposes Restructured Federal Science Apparatus, Foreshadows Likely CR

(AIP) A report accompanying the pending House budget resolution devotes more space than usual to opining on the federal role in supporting research and development and proposes restructuring the federal research apparatus, namely through eliminating the Department of Commerce and reducing support of applied research...3/29


Three Ways to Bust Ghostly Dark Matter

( Particle accelerators are one way of searching for dark matter particles. In these high-speed racetracks, particles of regular matter gain tremendous amounts of energy and then release it in small but violent particle crashes, potentially creating exotic new particles related to dark matter...3/30

IBM launches brain-inspired supercomputer with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

(BCN) IBM and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have launched a new project to build a brain-inspired supercomputing platform for deep learning inference...3/29

From Near-Dropout to PhD, Berkeley Lab Scientist Now at Forefront of Biofuels Revolution

(Berkeley Lab News) To see biochemist Ee-Been Goh in the lab today, figuring out how to rewire bacteria to produce biofuels, one would never guess she was once so uninterested in school that she barely made it through junior high...3/30

Local and State

Tech 2020 to sell building; other groups will continue organization’s work

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Tech 2020 Board of Directors approved a plan Tuesday that allows many of the organization’s top initiatives to be continued under the leadership of other enterprises, officials said. The Tech 2020 building, which is located in Commerce Park in south Oak Ridge, will be sold...3/30

Four TVA distributors to add solar generation

(Times Free Press) Four TVA distributors have been picked to generate solar power, which the Tennessee Valley Authority will buy as part of a 2-year pilot program to encourage more renewable power production...3/29