Monday, April 1, 2013
ORNL in the News

SNSIs there another billion dollars for SNS? Basic Energy Sciences panel supports a Second Target Station

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Money is tight, to say the least, in the federal science budget, so there are obvious concerns at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for its important . hat includes the work taking place at the Spallation Neutron Source, where there are hopes of doubling the research capacity with construction of a second Target Facility in the years ahead -- even as the current instrument spaces are being filled. research programs...3/31

Neutron ImagingHigh-efficiency neutron imaging detector features new oblique design

(R&D) To increase the neutron detection efficiency of bulk-micromegas (MICRO-MEsh GAseous Structure) neutron detectors, researchers from Lanzhou University in China and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville have proposed three new types of thin-film converters...Currently, his [Xiaodong Zhang] team is developing this technique at Spallation Neutron Source in Oak Ridge National Laboratory...3/31


Report: Oak Ridge DOE overpaid contractors by $3.4M

(WBIR) A federal report shows the Department of Energy office in Oak Ridge approved salaries for a clean-up contractor that cost too much. A review found the Oak Ridge office didn't follow proper procedures when it approved executive salaries for UCOR, a clean-up contractor at the East Tennessee Technology Park...3/28

Chuck FleishmannRep. Fleischmann talks about his seat on Appropriations and Oak Ridge programs, with emphasis on cleanup work

(Knoxville News Sentinel) "I'm enjoying the committee immensely," the Third District congressman said. "It was a perfect fit for the Third District, the perfect fit for the state. Getting the (assignment on) energy and water subcommittee was critically important...3/31

State & Regional

Docs now required to check history when prescribing painkillers

(WVLT) Starting Monday, Tennessee doctors prescribing painkillers and other controlled substances will be required to check their patients' prescription history to prevent abuse and doctor shopping...4/1


Senate group resolves key issues on immigration reform: lawmakers

(Reuters) With U.S. business and labor now in agreement, a bipartisan group of senators has resolved all major issues in a pending deal to overhaul the U.S. immigration system and aims to unveil it after Congress reconvenes in the second week of April, key lawmakers said on Sunday...3/31

North Korean secrecy on bomb test fuels speculation on nuclear advances

(Washington Post) U.S. officials and independent experts say North Korea appears to have taken unusual steps to conceal details about the nuclear weapon it tested in February, fueling suspicions that its scientists shifted to a bomb design that uses highly enriched uranium as the core...4/1

East Tennessee

Tom Beehan: Oak Ridge part would preserve history of Manhattan Project

(Knoxville News Sentinel Editorial) U.S. Sens. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., and Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., recently introduced bipartisan legislation that would designate three sites of the World War II-era Manhattan Project, including sites at Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, N.M. and Hanford, Wash., as a National Historical Park...3/30

science & technology

Sea IceGlobal warming expands Antarctic sea ice 

(Nature News) Ocean warming may be a major driver of sea-ice expansion in the Antarctic, researchers report today in Nature Geoscience. While sea ice at the North Pole has shrunk substantially over the past three decades, scientists have struggled to explain why sea ice near the South Pole has grown in extent over the same period...3/31

How Robots and Military-Grade Algorithms Make Same-Day Delivery Possible

(WIRED) Forget next-day delivery. The standard in online shopping is rapidly approaching next-hour delivery. Retail giants Walmart, Amazon, and eBay, and a few nimble startups, are testing same-day services, bringing whatever you desire—ice cream, toothpaste, a new TV—to your door, right now...3/19

Mars4-Billion-Pixel Panorama Lets You Explore Mars As If You Were Standing Next To Curiosity

(Popular Science) If you were standing next to the Mars rover Curiosity, this is what you’d see. Estonian photographer and editor Andrew Bodrov stitched together 407 images from two Curiosity cameras to come up with this interactive panorama...3/29

First love child of human, Neanderthal believed found

(NBC Science) The skeletal remains of an individual living in northern Italy 40,000-30,000 years ago are believed to be that of a human/Neanderthal hybrid, according to a paper in PLoS ONE. If further analysis proves the theory correct, the remains belonged to the first known such hybrid, providing direct evidence that humans and Neanderthals interbred...3/31

Other Stories

UN humanitarian aid financing is disorganized, unpredictable and hard to track, two-year watchdog study says

(Fox News) The United Nations spends billions annually to relieve the suffering caused by natural disasters and civil war, but those costly efforts are uncoordinated, overlap or duplicate effort, and often don’t show where the money went, according to a report by a special U.N. watchdog unit...3/29

Could Google tilt a close election?

(Washington Post) Google's motto is "Don't be evil." But what would it mean for democracy if it was? That's the question psychologist Robert Epstein has been asking in a series of experiments testing the impact of a fictitious search engine — he called it "Kadoodle" — that manipulated search rankings...3/31