Tuesday, April 5, 2011
ORNL in the News

TextOre license puts ORNL's Piranha in its tank

(Scientific Computing) TextOre's licensing of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Piranha is enabling the Virginia-based company to introduce a powerful search and mining tool capable of processing large amounts of text data from the Internet...The technology, developed by a team led by Tom Potok of ORNL's Computational Sciences & Engineering Division, has already been vetted in the scientific community and been used in real-world applications by governmental agencies...4/4

Learning to see atoms

(Physorg.com) Well versed in the history of atom probe imaging, Dr. Michael K. Miller of Oak Ridge National Laboratory spoke on the promises and challenges of atom probe tomography, which provides three-dimensional images of atoms in a sample. The talk was given to a packed room as part of the Frontiers in Chemical Imaging Seminar Series...4/5

Scott Branham new CFO at ORNL; other organizational changes announced

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Following the departure of 161 staff members, including two members of the lab contractor's leadership team, in the Voluntary Separation Program, ORNL Director Thom Mason announced some organizational change...4/4


Grant lures solar equipment maker AZUR to Knox County

(Knoxville News Sentinel)...The Solar Institute is a collaboration between the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and has a mission to "advance the understanding of solar innovation and to inspire new ideas that speed the development and implementation of solar-based technology in Tennessee."...4/4


Boyd retires; Golan to serve as interim

(Oak Ridger) Paul Golan, the SLAC site manager in California, will lead local operations for the U.S. Department of Energy beginning today...4/4

State & Regional

Ned McWherter, former governor, House speaker, dies

(AP) Ned McWherter, a onetime factory worker who became a millionaire businessman and two-term Democratic governor after two decades as a legislator, died Monday afternoon. He was 80...4/4


In abrupt reversal, 9/11 suspects to get Guantánamo military tribunals

(CS Monitor) In an abrupt reversal, US Attorney General Eric Holder has decided that alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will not be tried in a civilian federal court in the US, but instead will face justice before a special military tribunal at Guantánamo Bay...4/4

East Tennessee

Smokies, climate change studied

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Thomas Lovejoy, a renowned expert in the field of biodiversity, said the evidence is empirical that climate change is taking its toll on the world's great ecosystems, including the Great Smoky Mountains...4/3

Oak Ridge, St. Mary's students win regional science, engineering fair

(Oak Ridger) Students from Oak Ridge were big winners at the Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair in Knoxville. In addition, nearby Karns and Hardin Valley Academy students also came away winners...4/4

energy & science policy

Inside Energy Extra

4/4 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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- No special arrangement for BP: Salazar
- Senators seek tougher auto fuel rules
- DOE prepares for new WIPP contract
- Chu heads for clean-energy ministerial
- Utilities urged to join FCC council

science & technology

Top Ten Nuclear Nations' Quake Hazard

(National Geographic News) Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi crisis has raised questions around the world on the earthquake hazard in countries that rely heavily on nuclear power. As it turns out, the seismic threat varies widely in the top ten countries generating electricity by fission...4/3

Physicists Rotate Beams of Light With Semiconductor

(Science Daily) Physicists have managed to control the rotation of light by means of a ultra thin semiconductor. The advance could potentially be used to create a transistor that works with light instead of electrical current...4/2

Arctic ozone levels in never-before-seen plunge

(BBC News) The ozone layer has seen unprecedented damage in the Arctic this winter due to cold weather in the upper atmosphere...4/5

Lost, Then Found: Shipping Containers On Seafloor

(NPR) Scientists surveying the bottom of the Pacific Ocean have discovered something they knew was there but had never seen before: a shipping container...4/1

Other Stories

April 4, 1975: Bill Gates, Paul Allen Form a Little Partnership

(Wired) Bill Gates and Paul Allen create a partnership called Micro-soft. It will grow into one of the largest U.S. corporations and place them among the world’s richest people...4/4