Monday, April 7, 2014
ORNL in the News

Carbon NanotubesCarbon nanotubes grow in combustion flames

(R&D) Prof. Stephan Irle of the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (WPI-ITbM) at Nagoya Univ. and co-workers at Kyoto Univ., Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), and Chinese research institutions have revealed through theoretical simulations that the molecular mechanism of carbon nanotube (CNT) growth and hydrocarbon combustion actually share many similarities...4/1

Lawmakers: Takeover of centrifuge project a positive step

(Chillicothe Gazette) Ohio lawmakers cheered the U.S. Department of Energy’s announcement that it planned to take control of the American Centrifuge Project and run the uranium-enrichment initiative through its Oak Ridge National Laboratory...4/3

GemaltoOak Ridge National Labs deploys Gemalto’s PIV solution

(SecureIDNews) Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a technology research facility for the U.S. Department of Energy, is rolling out a new identification infrastructure using PIV smart cards for physical and logical access...4/4

IEEE Computer Society Honors Two Pre-College Educators

(TMC Net) ...Nagiza Samatova, a professor with the Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University, was recognized "for outstanding teaching and mentoring of pre-college students in research projects."...A senior research scientist in the Computational Biology Institute at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Samatova is the author of more than 200 publications, two patents, and the book "Practical Graph Mining with R."...4/4

Science & Technology

New Atomic Clock Is Most Accurate Timekeeper Yet

(LiveScience) A new atomic clock unveiled Thursday (April 3) is three times more accurate than the one previously used to keep official time in the United States, making it the most precise timekeeper yet developed...4/4

Americans using more energy, according to new analysis

(Science Daily) Americans used more renewable, fossil and even nuclear energy in 2013, according to the most recent energy flow charts. Wind energy continued to grow strongly, increasing 18 percent from 1.36 quadrillion BTUs, or quads, in 2012 to 1.6 quads in 2013...4/2

Energy and Science Policy

Coalition Calls for Increased Funding for Defense Science and Technology Programs

(AIP) The appropriations cycle is moving ahead on Capitol Hill at a fast pace.  Two House appropriations subcommittees have already marked up their FY 2015 funding bills...4/4

IPCCClimate policy: Streamline IPCC reports

(Nature News) Although the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has gained a justified reputation for producing the most up-to-date, comprehensive and authoritative statements of our knowledge of climate change, this has come at a cost to the scientific community...4/4


Energy Dept. dangles low-interest financing for suppliers

(Automotive News) The U.S. Department of Energy wants auto suppliers to know that it still has $16 billion in low-interest financing available to support efficient-vehicle programs, and it wants them to step forward for a share of those funds...4/2

UPFTeam creates new plan for costly Y-12 project

(WBIR) A team of experts has come up with a cheaper alternative for the most expensive construction project in Tennessee. The U.S. Department of Energy is set to build a new uranium processing facility at Y-12 in Oak Ridge...4/4

Department of Energy: Second trip into troubled New Mexico nuclear dump finds no contamination

(Minnesota Star Tribune) Crews investigating a radiation leak at the federal government's underground nuclear waste dump in southeastern New Mexico have turned up no contamination during a second trip farther into the half-mile-deep repository...4/4

WindmillFederal Budget Proposals Are Split Over Energy

(International Business Times) The federal budget for energy and the environment may be tiny compared to giant programs like Social Security, Medicare and Defense, but it's no less divisive, with Republican and White House proposals reflecting competing priorities...4/4

DOE yet to release report on projected MOX cost

(The Aiken Standard) Officials said the Department of Energy say they will release a study that projected the life-cycle cost for the Savannah River Site's MOX program to be $30 billion, However, there has been no word on when the study will be made available...4/7

East Tennessee

ORHS robotics team advances to St. Louis

(The Oak Ridger) Building a better robot. That's what the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Smoky Mountains Regional encourages students to do...4/3

ORAU Annual Report highlights impact of early career researchers on U.S. scientific mission

(Oak Ridge Today) Jason Hayward is applying his nuclear engineering research expertise to develop the next generation of high-resolution instruments for facilities like Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Spallation Neutron Source...4/7