Friday, April 12, 2013
ORNL in the News

Four East Tennessee teams headed for world robotics event

(Robotics Wire) ...Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Lonnie Love said the four area teams have more preparations and other tasks to undertake prior to heading for St. Louis. "The fact you have four East Tennessee high schools in the world competition is extremely rare," said Love, who managed the 11-state regional tournament in Knoxville that advanced the four area teams to St. Louis...4/10

ORNL's awake imaging device moves diagnostics field forward

(Intern Daily) A technology being developed at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory promises to provide clear images of the brains of children, the elderly and people with Parkinson's and other diseases without the use of uncomfortable or intrusive restraints...4/11


New Solar Process Gets More Out of Natural Gas

(NY Times) The Energy Department is preparing to test a new way for solar power to make electricity: using the sun’s heat to increase the energy content of natural gas...4/10

Student Competition Prepares the Next Generation of Wind Energy Entrepreneurs

( ...The Energy Department’s inaugural Collegiate Wind Competition sends undergraduate students through a multi-part challenge that will expose them to a variety of opportunities in clean energy...4/11



Korean Nuclear Worries Raised

(Wall Street Journal) A new U.S. military intelligence assessment says for the first time that North Korea may have developed a nuclear device small enough to mount on a ballistic missile, but said such a weapon's "reliability would be low."...4/11

State & Regional

Haslam non-committal on possible TVA sale

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam appears to be keeping an open mind when it comes to a potential sale of the Tennessee Valley Authority...4/11

Article on popular website highly critical, openly mocking of Tennessee

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The popular website has chosen as one of its main stories an article that, to put it mildly, is anything but favorable to Tennessee...4/11

energy & science policy

FY 2014 National Science Foundation Budget Request

(AIP) The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds non-biomedical basic research and education across all fields of science and engineering and is the only agency to do so, Acting Director Cora Marrett explained at yesterday’s briefing on the FY 2014 NSF budget request...4/11

Administration Sends FY 2014 Budget to Congress

(AIP) At a briefing yesterday afternoon Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) Director John Holdren declared “the state of the R&D budget is quite strong,” but acknowledged the FY 2014 request for federal science and technology programs is “not the budget we would want if the financial times were better.”...4/11

science & technology

The fuel that could be the end of Ethanol

(Fortune) Ethanol could be on its way out this decade thanks to a discovery that makes butanol more cost-effective...4/12

Crick DNA Nobel medal gets $2 million at auction

(Nature) Francis Crick’s Nobel prize medal fetched $2.27 million this morning at an auction house in New York...4/11


In NASA's Budget: Plans To 'Shrink-Wrap' An Asteroid

(NPR) When President Obama released his 2014 budget for the federal government on Wednesday, much of it was spreadsheets and tables. But one corner of NASA's budget looked like something out of a movie script...4/12

Organic electronics will transform the way society interacts with new technology

(PhysOrg) Smartphones that can be folded to fit in your pocket and video displays that roll up and down like a window blind are the future of new technology, according to a joint report by the RSC and four other major chemical societies...4/12

Other Stories

Why the North Korean Crisis Demands a New Diplomatic Approach

(Time) ...A recent report by David Straub and his colleagues at Stanford argues that 20 years of American-led policy has “not succeeded” in changing North Korea’s trajectory...4/12