Monday, April 14, 2014
ORNL in the News

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers contribute to prestigious climate report

(Eurekalert) Thomas Wilbanks and Benjamin Preston, both of the Climate Change Science Institute (CCSI) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), are among the 309 coordinating lead authors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC's) Working Group II (WG II) report...4/11

ITERCost Skyrockets for United States' Share of ITER Fusion Project

(Science Magazine) ITER, the international fusion experiment under construction in Cadarache, France, aims to prove that nuclear fusion is a viable power source by creating a "burning plasma" that produces more energy than the machine itself consumes....The cost of the U.S. contribution has increased, too, although by how much has been unclear. Officials with U.S. ITER had not released an updated cost profile for several years, until Ned Sauthoff, project manager for U.S. ITER at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, did so yesterday...4/10

ORNL study pegs fuel economy costs of common practices

(The Daily Times) People who pack their cars and drive like Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s “Vacation” pay a steep penalty when it comes to fuel economy, according to a report by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory...4/11

Study: Aluminum offers best environmental performance

(Today's Energy Solutions) The use of aluminum in new vehicles to boost fuel economy offers the smallest total carbon footprint among competing materials, according to a peer-reviewed Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) report presented at the 2014 Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress...4/10

Government contracting a boon to local engineering firms

(Bloomberg Businessweek) Many firms ranked on the Book of Lists' largest area engineering companies operate in nearby Oak Ridge to benefit from government contracting opportunities related to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, including the new No. 1 company Mesa Associates...4/10

Science & Technology

Helicopter-TruckTransforming Helicopter-Truck Hybrid Makes First Flight

(Popular Science) Yesterday Advanced Tactics announced the successful first flight of their Black Knight Transformer, a hybrid truck helicopter designed for military missions. In December, the truck completed driving tests. One of the more modern features of the transformer, besides being a freaking flying truck, is that pilots can fly it either while sitting inside it, or remotely...4/11

Quark StarHow CERN's discovery of exotic particles may affect astrophysics

(PhysOrg) You may have heard that CERN announced the discovery of a strange particle known as Z(4430). A paper summarizing the results has been published on the physics arxiv, which is a repository for preprint (not yet peer reviewed) physics papers...4/11

Energy and Science Policy

New climate pragmatism framework prioritizes energy access to drive innovation and development

(ScienceDaily) Expanding access to reliable energy offers better route to address global challenges, climate and energy scholars say in new report. "Climate change can't be solved on the backs of the world's poorest people," said a report co-author...4/9

NASA Administrator Bolden Appears Before House Appropriators

(AIP) Tuesday’s hearing of the House Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Subcommittee on the FY 2015 NASA budget request and security practices lasted more than three hours. Although the subcommittee is very supportive of NASA, the hearing was marked by disagreements between NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and the subcommittee members...4/11


Radiation SignDOE making ‘steady progress’ on stalled uranium burial in Nevada

(The Review Journal) The Department of Energy is making “steady progress” on a stalled plan to transport potent uranium waste from Tennessee for burial in Nevada and hopes to start shipments later this year, a DOE official reported to Congress this week...4/10

Energy Department Seeks Methane Hydrate Proposals

(ABC News) The U.S. Department of Energy is soliciting for another round of research into methane hydrates, the potentially huge energy source of "frozen gas" that could step in for shortages of other fossil fuels...4/13

The Security Improvement Project at Y-12: how’d they cut costs by 28 percent?

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) The National Nuclear Security Administration earlier this week announced that the Security Improvement Project (SIP) at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant had been completed ahead of schedule and $20 million under the project's original budget of $72 million...4/10

US-Russian ScientistsUS Energy Department Restricts Scientific Cooperation with Russia

(Ria Novosti) The US Department of Energy has banned American scientists working for the agency from traveling to Russia as well as blocking access for Russian scientists to its major physics research centers, the Russian Kommersant newspaper reported Friday...4/11

Debate, discussion or squabble?

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) The early planning stages are underway, as reported previously, for a successor to the Department of Energy’s existing CERCLA landfill, which receives radioactive and hazardous wastes associated with the cleanup of the nuclear operations on the DOE Oak Ridge reservation...4/12

East Tennessee

TVA, Eastman Chemical win 2014 Energy Star awards

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) The Tennessee Valley Authority and Kingsport, Tenn.-based Eastman Chemical Co. have been awarded 2014 Energy Star awards from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy Department...4/11

Tennessee to U.N.: stay out of our elections

(UPI) After the United Nations sent election observers in 2012 to Tennessee, state legislators objected to an alleged violation of sovereignty, as well as joining a category of troubled nations with suspicious elections, including Libya and Cambodia...4/11

Tennessee lawmakers face crucial votes in final hours

(The Tennessean) Tennessee lawmakers have put the state budget behind them. Now they'll turn to what really worries them: getting re-elected. Members of the legislature will return to Nashville on Monday for what many of them (and perhaps many Tennesseans) hope will be the last time this year....4/14