Friday, April 15, 2011
ORNL in the News

Biology teacher earns invitation to research lab

(Marietta [Ga.] Daily Journal) Jennifer Forsyth was recently selected to participate in the Siemens Teachers as Researchers program through the Siemens Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Academy. This summer, Ms. Forsyth will spend two weeks working with a small group of educators and scientists on a short-term project at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory....4/14

Two huge projects in Tennessee show solar industry booming

(Chattanooga Times Free Press) Chris Davis of the Tennessee Solar Institute in Knoxville said it has seen demand grow for the energy in the year or so it has been in existence. The institute is a venture of the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory aimed at solar-generated energy production....4/14

DOE's Oak Ridge and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs Join with Dow Chemical to Develop Next-Generation Cool Roofs

(DOE Press Release) The U.S. Department of Energy today announced that Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have joined with Dow Chemical Company as part of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to fund key research that will help develop the next generation of cool roof technologies in the U.S. The agreement will support research to increase the energy savings from existing cool roof technologies by more than 50 percent, decreasing the nation's carbon footprint and providing an opportunity for Americans to save money by saving energy....4/14


Department of Energy, Duke Energy and EPRI Partner to Test Advanced Energy Technologies for Utilities

(DOE Press Release) The Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy has signed a partnership deal with Duke Energy, one of the largest electric power companies in the United States, and with the Electric Power Research Institute, a non-profit research organization that focuses on the electric power utility industry in the U.S. and abroad, to identify opportunities for testing and deploying ARPA-E funded projects that will bolster the electric grid....4/14


Budget deal: CBO analysis shows initial spending cuts less than expected

(Washington Post) The compromise touted as cutting $38.5 billion would actually only cut $352 million this fiscal year, an analysis says. While that didn't prevent the budget from passing, it could sour some Republicans....4/15

State & Regional

TVA to retire 18 coal-fired units as part of settlement

(Knoxville News Sentinel) TVA will retire 18 coal-fired units at three of its older fossil plants, effectively closing one of the plants, in an unprecedented agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency, four states and three environmental groups to settle complaints that the federal utility violated the Clean Air Act....4/15

science & technology

Search for Dark Matter Moves One Step Closer to Detecting Elusive Particle

(Science Daily) Dark matter, the mysterious substance that may account for nearly 25 percent of the universe, has so far evaded direct observation. But researchers from UCLA, Columbia University and other institutions participating in the international XENON collaboration say they are now closer than ever before....4/15

Language universality idea tested with biology method

(BBC) A long-standing idea that human languages share universal features that are dictated by human brain structure has been cast into doubt....4/14

A Look In The Eye Reveals Killer Habits Of Dinosaurs

(NPR) Flying reptiles were likely active during the day, while velociraptors, those clever carnivores that hunted in packs in the Jurassic Park films, may actually have been night hunters.....4/14

Antarctic Lake Hides Bizarre Ecosystem

(Wired) In the eerie bluish-purple depths of an Antarctic lake, scientists have discovered otherworldly mounds that tell tales of the planet's early days. Bacteria slowly built the mounds, known as stromatolites, layer by layer on the lake bottom....4/14

Other Stories

Asia, Europe data point to mounting inflation risks

(Reuters) China and India both report higher-than-expected inflation readings, giving fresh ammunition to central bankers and investors alike who are worried about mounting price pressures in the global economy....4/15.