Monday, April 18, 2016
ORNL in the News

A splash of neutrons towards quantum computing

(Materials Today) A splash of neutrons has helped demonstrate novel behavior in a 2D solid state material, providing a better understanding of exotic quasiparticles that could be significant for future approaches to quantum computing...4/18

'Odd Couple' Monolayer Semiconductors Align to Advance Optoelectronics

(Technobahn) Epitaxy, or growing crystalline film layers that are templated by a crystalline substrate, is a mainstay of manufacturing transistors and semiconductors...4/15

New 20kW wireless charging system could wipe out range anxiety

(Autoblog) A new, 20-kW wireless charging system that is 90 percent (!) efficient has been developed by researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. While a lot slower than the best DC fast charging, 20 kW is about three times faster than the roughly 7-kW rate that most of today's Level 2 chargers operate at...4/16

Science and Technology

Grass-Roots Fight To Protect Puerto Rico's Coast Scores Environmental Prize

(NPR) Environmental activist Luis Jorge Rivera Herrera has worked to protect a pristine section of Puerto Rico's coastline. Now he's being honored with the Goldman Environmental Prize...4/18

Nanomaterial to drive new generation of solar cells

(PhysOrg) ...The research team from the Australian National University (ARC Centre of Excellence CUDOS) and the University of California Berkeley demonstrated a new artificial material, or metamaterial, that glows in an unusual way when heated...4/18

Energy and Science Policy

Dirty Bomb Fears Fuel Push for Alternatives to Radiological Materials

(AIP) Recent reports of terrorists attempting to acquire nuclear materials have given greater urgency to efforts to secure and reduce nuclear materials, including the development of non-radioactive alternatives to certain radioisotopes used widely in the civilian sector...4/7

US wind energy generated a record 191 megawatt-hours of electricity last year

(U.S. News) The American Wind Energy Association said wind produced 4.7 percent of the nation's electricity in 2015. Coal generated 33 percent and natural gas slightly less than that, the association said...4/12


The ITER decision

(Knoxville News Sentinel) May 2 may be a pivotal date for the fusion energy community in the United States...4/16

Y-12 completes $10M upgrade at chemistry labs

(Knoxville News Sentinel) A $10 million upgrade to the analytical chemistry facility at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant has been completed on time and within its budget, according to a Thursday announcement by the National Nuclear Security Administration...4/14

Statement on First Meeting of the United States-Republic of Korea High Level Bilateral Commission

( U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall and Republic of Korea (ROK) Vice Foreign Minister Cho Tae-Yul co-chaired the first meeting of the U.S.-ROK High Level Bilateral Commission (HLBC) in Seoul, South Korea...4/14

Local and State

Alexander bill allocates $575M for UPF in Oak Ridge

(Oak Ridger) Alexander said $20 billion of the “unusual appropriations bill” is for defense, “including nuclear weapons and projects around Oak Ridge,” and $17.5 billion goes for national labs and the Army Corps of Engineers which is in charge of such things as Chickamauga Lock...4/14

Student Startup Turning Heads by Utilizing Biofuel Waste for Good

(Tennessee Today) A zero-waste manufacturing process has long been a dream for industries, especially in areas where businesses believe their byproducts hold great potential...4/13