Thursday, April 20, 2017
ORNL in the News

Oak Ridge boffins work out how to dry their clothes

(Tech Eye) Boffins at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee are worried what they will use to dry their clothes when their mothers can't manage anymore. A team has come up with a dryer that could make doing laundry much quicker which is five times more energy efficient than most conventional dryers...4/20

CAMResearch team uses supercomputing to understand processes leading to increased drought resistance in food and fuel crops

(PhysOrg) ...In recent years, researchers have grown increasingly interested in desert plants' preferred method of photosynthesis—crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM)..."One of the benefits of CAM photosynthesis is water efficiency," said Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) computational biologist Dan Jacobson, who is part of a multi-institutional team that recently published a CAM study in Nature Plants...4/18

Atom-smashing scientists are unnerved by harsh Trump budget

(Washington Post) On a hill above the main campus of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory is a sprawling complex called the Spallation Neutron Source. It’s a particle accelerator, although you could think of it as a giant microscope...4/18

Watts Bar Unit 2Predictive power

(EurekAlert!/AAAS) ...In October 2016, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) began full commercial operation of its Watts Bar Unit 2 (WB2) nuclear power plant, the United States' first new nuclear reactor in 20 years...As part of the plant startup, TVA leveraged advanced computer simulation capability provided by the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL), a US Department of Energy (DOE) Innovation Hub based at DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)...4/18

Baxter appointed director-at-large for ASHRAE

(Blackbird Miltech) Van D. Baxter, a researcher at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has been appointed director-at-large for ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)...4/19

Science and Technology

Physicists excited by latest LHC anomaly

(Nature News) The latest in a series of anomalies spotted in five-year-old data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) could point the way to an entirely new elementary particle, physicists hope. The most recent finding, reported at an 18 April seminar at CERN, Europe's particle-physics lab near Geneva, may turn out to be a statistical fluctuation that fades as new data are analysed...4/19

Energy and Science Policy

Europe’s paradox: Why increased scientific mobility has not led to more international collaborations

(Science Magazine/AAAS) A new analysis suggests that lowering barriers to scientific migration can, paradoxically, decrease international collaborations. When top researchers in Eastern Europe started joining high-power institutions in the West, the research suggests, their colleagues and students back home ended up with fewer cross-border connections...4/12


Y-12 security subcontractor aims to improve track record after losing training explosive

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) ...An incident report by the Oak Ridge Police Department raised questions about K-9 Search on Site's security protocols when an employee unknowingly drove off the training site with two half-pound sticks of Dyno-AP — an ammonium nitrate based explosive — in the hood of his vehicle...4/20

US Department of Energy's third Better Buildings SWAP is about to air

(Energy Digital) The third US Department of Energy Better Buildings SWAP – an exchange between the City of Atlanta and the City of Boston – is about to launch. On the 20th of April, this series will be available to watch via the US Department of Energy's website, and will explore how Mayors Kasim Reed and Marty Walsh take on energy efficiency in their cities – specifically Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport and Boston's Library at Copely Sqaure – in an engaging reality-style TV format...4/18

Local and State

Tennessee House, Senate Approve Haslam's Road Funding Bill

(U.S. News & World Report) Republican Gov. Bill Haslam's proposal to boost road and bridge funding in Tennessee was passed by both legislative chambers on Wednesday, after the House rejected an effort supported by GOP leaders to strip a gas tax hike out of the bill...4/19

Knoxville housing market ranked 7th in nation, but is a ‘seller’s market’

(WATE TV) It's a springtime tradition when people start thinking about real estate. Housing markets around Tennessee are hot. Real estate website Zillow calls Nashville the hottest market in the country and Knoxville is not far behind at number seven. "I know it's hot because real estate prices are low in Knoxville compared to the rest of the country and we have so much to offer here," said Michael Twigg, a resident of Knoxville...4/19

Will climate change impact power delivery?

(Oak Ridger) How will a warmer climate affect the supply of and demand for electricity? Will the reduced need for heating buildings lower electric bills? No, said Melissa Allen, in her recent luncheon talk to the Friends of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. A staff scientist at the Climate Change Science Institute at ORNL, she said that results of climate modeling show that "the need for more power to cool buildings is not offset by less need for electricity for heating."...4/19