Friday, May 17, 2013
ORNL in the News

3D printers offer unlimited possibilities

(WBIR) A new type of technology offers unlimited possibilities and Oak Ridge scientists are at the forefront of the research. Engineers believe 3D printers will change the world of manufacturing...5/15

Chertoff: Real-time tracking key to better network defense

(FCW) The big data generated by today's networks shouldn't be a scary proposition for government users or critical infrastructure providers, according to Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of Homeland Security...Jesse Trucks, cyber security engineer in the Cyber Operations and Integration Information Technology Services Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, said the lab is using data analysis extensively to detect unusual activity on the facility's networks...5/16


UCOR awards educational mini-grants

(Knoxville News Sentinel) UCOR (URS-CH2M Oak Ridge), the Department of Energy's cleanup contractor in Oak Ridge, today announced the award of 25 mini-grants to area teachers to assist their work in the classroom...5/15

State & Regional

School district opts not to implement new gun law

(WBIR) At Campbell County High School, school resource officers keep the campus under close watch even after hours. They know all too well how a shooting can devastate your school. In 2005, they lost their vice principal and two other administrators still live with the consequences...5/16

Gov. Haslam signs grocery tax reduction into law

(WATE) Republican Gov. Bill Haslam has signed into law a reduction in the state's sales tax on groceries. Starting on July 1, Tennessee shoppers will pay a 5 percent sales tax on retail food items. That's a reduction from the current 5.25 percent tax, and down from 5.5 percent in the previous budget year...5/17


Obama: 'I Certainly Did Not Know' What The IRS Was Doing

(NPR) Asked if he can assure the nation that no one in the White House knew before last week that some IRS personnel had during the 2012 campaign cycle, President Obama said Thursday afternoon that, "I certainly did not know."...5/15

U.S. options to 'capture or kill' Benghazi suspects

(CNN) The U.S. military has updated plans to "capture or kill" alleged perpetrators of the deadly terror attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, CNN has learned...5/16

East Tennessee

Lamar Alexander says idea to sell TVA has already cost $500 million

(WBIR) Sen. Lamar Alexander says President Barack Obama's plan to consider selling the Tennessee Valley Authority has already cost hundreds of millions of dollars -- even if the nation's largest public utility is never sold...5/15

energy & science policy

Ernest Moniz confirmed as Energy secretary

(Washington Post) In a unanimous vote, the Senate has confirmed physicist Ernest Moniz as secretary of energy. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor replaces Steven Chu. The vote was 97 to 0...5/16

science & technology

X-47BAutonomous X-47B Jet Fighter Makes Historic First Launch From An Aircraft Carrier

(Popular Science) ABOARD THE USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH, ATLANTIC OCEAN--All that was left on the carrier deck was a cloud of white steam wafting over a flight crew that was visibly bursting with excitement even with faces concealed behind bulky protective headgear, noise suppressing headsets, and darkly tinted goggles...5/14

Ancient WaterAncient water found in Canadian mine

(CNN) You wouldn't want to shower in it, but researchers have discovered pockets of water in a deep reservoir in Canada that may be up to 2.64 billion years old...5/15

Eastern SeaboardTopography of Eastern Seaboard Muddles Ancient Sea Level Changes

(Science Daily) The distortion of the ancient shoreline and flooding surface of the U.S. Atlantic Coastal Plain are the direct result of fluctuations in topography in the region and could have implications on understanding long-term climate change, according to a new study...5/16

Other Stories

Scientists Join Journal Editors to Fight Impact-Factor Abuse

(Nature News) If enough eminent people stand together to condemn a controversial practice, will that make it stop? That's what more than 150 scientists and 75 science organizations are hoping for today, with a joint statement called the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA). It deplores the way some metrics — especially the notorious Journal Impact Factor (JIF) — are misused as quick and dirty assessments of scientists' performance and the quality of their research papers...5/16

Out there

Remote PlacesA Scientific Search for the Most Remote Places in the United States

(The Atlantic) For the past four years, Ryan and Rebecca Means have been identifying and documenting the remotest place in each of the 50 states for their ongoing research expedition, Project Remote. The feeling of remoteness, of course, is a qualitative metric; how remote someone feels depends on experience and perspective. ...5/16