Tuesday, May 25, 2010
ORNL in the News

Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Advancing The Nuclear Enterprise Through Better Computing

(Nuclearstreet.com) ...John Wagner, Technical Integration Manager for Nuclear Modeling within ORNL's Nuclear Science and Technology Division, says one of the goals of his organization is to integrate existing nuclear energy and nuclear national security modeling and simulation capabilities and associated expertise with high-performance computing to solve problems that were previously unthinkable or impractical in terms of the computing power required to address them...5/23

Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley Capitalizes on Oak Ridge Technologies

(PR-Canada.net) Improved LED lights, high tech air filtration systems and lighter, stronger and easier-to-ship materials - all developed locally - are fueling a promising, and increasingly green, future for the Knoxille-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley. Entrepreneurs and local companies in the Innovation Valley economic development region can work closely with researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Department of Energy's Y-12 facility in Oak Ridge, and the University of Tennessee/Knoxville....5/24

Gene discovery raises hopes of cheaper cellulosic biofuels

(Brighterenergy.org) Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in East Tennessee have achieved a breakthrough that could improve the conversion of cellulosic plants into advanced biofuels. Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in East Tennessee have achieved a breakthrough that could improve the conversion of cellulosic plants into advanced biofuels...5/23

NOAA climate computer to operate by year's end

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The new Cray XT6 machine that's the first phase of a supercomputer system for NOAA's climate collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory should be operating by year's end, according to Jim Hack, director of the National Center for Computational Sciences and also director of the ORNL Climate Change Science Institute...5/24


K-25 one of state’s most endangered historic sites

(Oak Ridger) The Tennessee Preservation Trust has named the  K-25 plant to its "Ten in Tennessee" most endangered historic sites list...5/24

Secretary Chu Postpones China Trip to Continue Work on BP Oil Spill Response Efforts

(DOE Press Release) Energy Secretary Steven Chu will postpone a trip to China, scheduled for next week, at the request of President Obama and stay in the country to continue his work on response efforts to the BP oil spill...5/21



U.S. Turns Up Heat on BP

(Wall Street Journal) Frustration among federal and state officials over the handling of the Gulf oil spill boiled over Monday, even as the government's lead crisis manager said there was little that federal authorities could do but let BP PLC try to stop the gusher...5/25

East Tennessee

TVA to vote in August on nuclear reactor construction

(Knoxville News Sentinel) TVA's board is expected to make a decision in August on nuclear reactor construction at the Bellefonte plant in Northern Alabama, with the TVA staff recommending that the single reactor that TVA halted construction on there in 1988 be completed and put into operation....5/25

energy & science policy

House Consideration of COMPETES Legislation

(AIP) Last week’s House debate on H.R. 5116, the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010, stretched over two days...5/21

Inside Energy Extra

5/24 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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-OMB bids for more DOE loan guarantees
-'Several' uranium LGs likely: Silver
-Allen: No reason to take over BP well
-Chairman offers support for Salazar
-DOE reopens block-grant process

science & technology

4 Rare Earth Elements That Will Only Get More Important

(Popular Mechanics) With a bill before Congress aimed at restarting America's rare earth industry, and the Defense Department planning to add rare earths to its strategic stockpiles, these too often overlooked elements won't stay in the background much longer...5/23

BP oil spill: How to save wetlands? Set them on fire, maybe

(CS Monitor) The BP oil spill is moving into Louisiana's wetlands – a worst-case scenario for wildlife and the fishing industry. There is no perfect solution, scientists say, but a controlled burn is one option...5/24

Lake Erie Will Host America's First Freshwater Offshore Wind Farm

(Popular Science) Offshore wind power is on an absolute tear. First, the U.S. approved its first offshore wind farm late last month. And now this: GE will soon put their four-megawatt offshore monsters to use in America’s first freshwater offshore wind farm in Lake Erie...5/24

Other Stories

Future of U.S. Bases Bolstered in Japan

(Wall Street Journal) Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama gave up on a bedrock campaign pledge and accepted a longstanding U.S. proposal for positioning American troops in Japan, backing down from a battle with Washington as the two nations grapple with North Korea's aggression and China's rising power in the region...5/23

South Korea to Designate North as Main Foe

(NY Times) President Lee Myung-bak said on Tuesday he would redesignate North Korea as his country’s archenemy, as the South Korean and U.S. militaries announced plans for major naval exercises in a show of combined force...5/25