Thursday, May 25, 2017
ORNL in the News

Funding for ORNL could be cut $185 million under president’s budget

(Oak Ridge Today) Funding for Oak Ridge National Laboratory could be cut by $185 million under the budget request released by President Donald Trump on Tuesday. If Trump's budget request is enacted, the lab's funding would drop from about $1.247 billion in Fiscal Year 2017, which ends September 30, to roughly $1.062 billion in Fiscal Year 2018...5/23

Von Kaman DynamoUnderstanding stars: How tornado-shaped flow in a dynamo strengthens the magnetic field

(PhysOrg) The study is the first to examine the flow inside the churning blades at high resolution, and can offer ways to improve laboratory dynamos so that they more accurately recreate stellar astronomical observations. "We hope that, in the future, we can give a better description of the flows," said lead author Jacobo Varela, now a postdoctoral researcher at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory...5/23

Living Cell MembraneNeutrons provide the first nanoscale look at a living cell membrane

(PhysOrg) A research team from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has performed the first-ever direct nanoscale examination of a living cell membrane. In doing so, it also resolved a long-standing debate by identifying tiny groupings of lipid molecules that are likely key to the cell's functioning...5/24

A Road Trip Through Rusting and Rising America

(New York Times - Editorial) ...Today, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which sprawls across two counties, is still involved with nuclear weaponry, but its supercomputer, one of the world's most powerful, and its hundreds of scientists help drive a broad array of research in energy, materials science, 3-D manufacturing, robotics, physics, cybersecurity and nuclear medicine — research it now actively shares with the surrounding Appalachian communities to spawn new industries and jobs...5/24

Irradiated QuartzAtomic structure of irradiated materials is more akin to liquid than glass

(PhysOrg) Materials exposed to neutron radiation tend to experience significant damage, leading to the containment challenges involved in immobilizing nuclear waste or nuclear plant confinements...This led a group of researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to explore the question: Do irradiation and vitrification have the same impact on the atomic structure of materials?...5/23

Rick Perry: I'll be 'strong advocate' for Oak Ridge, DOE

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) Newly appointed Secretary of Energy Rick Perry toured several labs at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Y-12 National Security Complex Monday, a day before President Donald Trump’s detailed budget was to be released...5/22

Science and Technology

Measured for the first time: Direction of light waves changed by quantum effect

(EurekAlert!/AAAS) A light wave sent through empty space always oscillates in the same direction. However, certain materials can be used to rotate the direction in which the light is oscillating when placed in a magnetic field. This is known as a 'magneto-optical' effect...5/24


Energy and Science Policy

Trump Budget Slashes Science, Confrontation with Congress Looms

(AIP) President Trump’s official fiscal year 2018 budget request, which calls for deep funding cuts to most science agencies and many other non-defense programs, has received a chilly reception in Congress, setting the stage for a possible confrontation in the fall...5/24



Exascale Escapes 2018 Budget Axe; Rest of Science Suffers

(HPC Wire) President Trump’s proposed $4.1 trillion FY 2018 budget is good for U.S. exascale computing development, but grim for the rest of science and technology spending. As a total crosscut of the DOE Office of Science and the National Nuclear Security Administration, exascale-focused activities receive $508 million, a full 77 percent boost over FY17 enacted levels...5/23

Crews cover partially-collapsed tunnel at nuclear site

(ABC News) Workers this weekend finished installing a protective cover over a partially-collapsed tunnel that contained radioactive waste on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, the U.S. Department of Energy said Monday. The tunnel that contained highly radioactive wastes left over from production of plutonium for nuclear weapons partially collapsed on May 9, prompting evacuation of nearby workers....5/22

Local and State

Citing federal law, readers ask whether DOE can close AMSE, move its missions

(Oak Ridge Today) Citing a section of federal law, readers have asked whether the U.S. Department of Energy can legally stop operating the American Museum of Science and Energy on South Tulane Avenue and move its public education and outreach missions over to renovated space at Main Street Oak Ridge...5/24

5 ways President Trump's proposed budget could impact Tennessee

(The Tennessean) The proposed federal budget that President Donald Trump released Tuesday would cut or eliminate dozens of programs that provide funding for services for Tennesseans. But Trump's budget is just a the starting point: Congress could ditch his proposal and write its own version. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Chattanooga, already is raising questions about the president's spending plan...5/23

NimBiosNIMBioS Researchers Study the Power of Social Norms

(Tennessee Today) How you dress, talk, eat and even what you allow yourself to feel – these often unspoken rules of a group are social norms, and many are internalized to such a degree that you probably don’t even notice them. Following norms, however, can sometimes be costly for individuals if norms require sacrifice for the good of the group...5/23

Nashville overtakes Memphis as Tennessee's largest city

(WBIR TV) The largest city in Tennessee is officially no longer Memphis. New Census figures pass that crown to Nashville. Census population estimates released Thursday show Nashville was home to 660,388 people in 2016. Memphis had 652,717 residents, falling 7,671 short of Nashville...5/25